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New MacBook line up priced

We’re still waiting on today’s huge announcement coming from Apple’s press event, but before we get there, we’ve got some pretty excellent news to report. Yes, there will be a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display, along with a bunch of new models in the MacBook line in general. Apple’s Phil Schiller delivered prices on this new line up during the event today, and it seems like there should be something for all budgets (or at least most of them).

We’ll start with the all new MacBook Airs. 11-inchers come in at a pretty decent price, setting you back only $999, while the new 13-inch MacBook Airs will run $1,199. Though Apple revealed new MacBook Pros with Retina Display, the old Pros are sticking around, and as such have new prices. 13-inch MacBook Pros will cost $1,199, while the 15-inch models will come in at $1,799.

Finally, we come to the Retina MacBook Pros, specifically the the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Taking one of those home will cost you $1,699, while if you want the 15-inch model, you’ll have to plop down $2,199. Not too bad, but we have a feeling that some will find those prices a little difficult to swallow. Still, $1,699 was considered by many to be the sweet spot for 13-inch MacBook Pros with Retina Display, and it seems that Apple has hit it. Stay tuned for more information straight from Apple’s event, and be sure to check out our Apple hub to get all of the news from today!

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