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Kindle Fire has highest readership rates for digital content


While tablets are great for browsing the web and playing games, they’re also becoming great devices to read digital content on like magazines and newspapers. According to marketing and analytics firm Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet has the highest readership rates of any other tablet, including the iPad and Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Tablet.

comScore notes that around 1 in 10 tablet owners read digital periodicals on their devices every day as of August 2012. 37.1% of tablet owners read a newspaper on their device at least once a month, while 11.5% read a newspapers roughly every day. 11% is definitely a small figure, but we may see that number creep up in the next few years.

According to comScore, a whopping 43.9% of Kindle Fire users read magazines on their device. The iPad came in at 40.3%, and 13.4% for NOOK Tablet users. The newspaper category was a much closer race, though. The Kindle Fire came in at 39.2%, the iPad with 38.3%, and the NOOK Tablet with 31.8%.

To clarify, this isn’t about which tablet gets the most magazine/newspaper readers (and thus being the most popular tablet in this category), but rather what the most popular type of periodical is on which tablets. The survey was conducted during a three-month period ending in August 2012 consisted of 6,000 tablet owners across the US.

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