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Kickstarter launches in the UK on Halloween


Kickstarter has been around for a long time and the US and has helped a lot of entrepreneurs raise the money needed to bring their products to the real world. Kickstarter projects range from electronic devices to video games, and we’ve been seen more than a few movies seeking the money needed for production using the crowd sourced funding site. So far, Kickstarter has been limited to the US only.

I mentioned back during the summer that Kickstarter was going to be launching this fall in the UK. The official launch date for Kickstarter in the UK has now been announced as October 31. Starting on Halloween and moving forward users will be able to select the UK as the country and launch projects seeking European funding.

Projects based in the UK will be listed alongside all other projects on Kickstarter. What that means is there will not be a dedicated UK page, projects in the US and the UK will be listed jointly. Pledge amounts listed in foreign funds will be converted to the US dollar allowing people in the US to pledge money.

Users who pledge money on projects in the UK will enter their payment information directly on Kickstarter. Payments will then be processed through a third-party payment processor while projects in the US will continue to use Amazon Payments to gather payment data. US and UK projects will be able to exclude foreign countries from supporting.

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