Monday, April 15, 2024


YouTube TV just got even better on iPhones and iPads

You can now watch up to four shows at once in multivew with YouTube TV on iPhone and iPad. Just try not to burn out on all the cable news .

Juno YouTube App for Vision Pro Gains New Features in First Update

Juno, developer Christian Selig's YouTube app for Apple Vision Pro, has received its first update since launching earlier this month,

YouTube Claims an Apple Vision Pro App is On the Roadmap

The Apple Vision Pro App Store launched without a few key apps, such as Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify. A YouTube

Juno App Brings YouTube to Apple Vision Pro Because Google Won’t

Developer Christian Selig of "Apollo for Reddit" fame has created what Google wouldn't – a dedicated YouTube app for Apple Vision

YouTube and Spotify Apps Won’t Be Available on Vision Pro

YouTube and Spotify do not plan to offer apps on the Vision Pro headset, according to a new report from

I dismantled my 8-year-old printer to replace a tiny piece of rubber — and it was so worth it

When my 2015 Samsung laser printer stopped working, I turned to YouTube for the fix.

How to turn off and manage your YouTube history

Whether you watch a lot of YouTube or a little, sometimes you might just want to keep your watch history to yourself or tidy it up. It's easy. Here's how.

YouTube Premium Quietly Hikes Subscription Prices in the US

Google has quietly increased its YouTube Premium subscription prices for newcomers in the United States (via 9to5Google).Individual YouTube Premium subscriptions

YouTube tries new way of tackling ad blockers

YouTube is running a test to tackle ad blockers, asking users to adjust the blocker's settings to allow YouTube ads or face playback being suspended.

YouTube Working on ‘Playables’ Gaming Service

YouTube appears to be developing a new gaming service called "Playables," according to The Wall Street Journal. The service allows

YouTube will soon be introducing its new AI-powered dubbing tool

The language barrier is the main problem when you try to consume content from different continents on YouTube, yes there are translated subtitles but YouTube is trying to fill that gap with its new Ai-Powered dubbing tool Aloud. YouTube’s new AI-Powered Aloud tool allows content creators to dub videos in other different languages. A report from The Verge states that YouTube announced its new dubbing service called Aloud (developed at Google’s Area 120 incubator) at VidCon which is under testing now. The firm aims to achieve quality-level dubbing in fewer time results creators can reach a wider global audience. YouTube’s this new dubbing tool not only can save time but also saves money. YouTube hasn’t confirmed yet whether the dubbing service will be available worldwide or not.   Okay, let’s talk about its features, YouTube’s dubbing service Aloud promises to offer quality dubbing in just a few minutes using Artificial intelligence AI. You are thinking about how this tool works? First, the tool generates a text-based translation that creators can check and edit, then creates a dub of the video in different spoken languages. And the interesting thing is the service is free of cost and can use by anyone. If you are wondering how this works, here is an example from the Amoeba Sisters Science Youtube channel which uses English as a primary language, with dubbed Spanish language options created with the help of Aloud AI. To change the audio is so simple, just hit the settings, click on the audio track, and select the language you are comfortable with. YouTube’s VP of product management Amjad Hanif told in an interview with The Verge, the dubbing service Aloud is currently under testing with hundreds of creators. Furthermore, Aloud is now available in the English language which lets you dub currently in two languages Portuguese and Spanish and it will support more languages in the future.  

YouTube Stories are going away starting June 26

You'll no longer be able to upload a new YouTube Story starting June 26. After that, anything still up will die off after a week.

YouTube gives iOS users another reason to pay for Premium

YouTube Premium now supports higher 1080p bit rates for iOS, and added a few more features to help sweeten the extra cost.

YouTube Premium to Offer SharePlay and Enhanced 1080p Videos on iPhone

YouTube Premium subscribers will soon have access to SharePlay and an enhanced 1080p video quality option with a higher bitrate

Someone just used ChatGPT to generate free Windows keys

ChatGPT can do a lot, and now we can add generating valid Windows keys to the list. It shows what the chatbot is capable of if it is cleverly manipulated.

One of the largest tech YouTube channels was killed by crypto scammers

The Linus Tech Tips YouTube channel, along with several related channels, have been terminated after being hijacked by a cryptoscam.