Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Windows 11

How to split your screen on Windows 11

Windows 11 takes the excellent Snap Assist functionality of Windows 10 and bumps it up a notch. Here we explain how to split your screen in Windows 11.

Microsoft may fix the most frustrating thing about Windows updates

There's one thing that's almost universally annoying to Windows users, and Microsoft might be about to fix it -- to an extent.

A new Windows 11 hardware system requirement may be incoming

The upcoming Windows 11 24H2 update will now make it impossible to run the OS on an old PC.

How to turn off notifications in Windows 11

Windows 11 notifications aren't always helpful. Here's how to turn them off.

Intel may have accidentally leaked the release date for Windows 12

A prediction made by Intel may have accidentally confirmed the release date of Windows 12.

Windows 11 adoption is slowing, and we finally know why

Researchers explain why it's necessary for business to start updating to Windows 11.

If you have an AMD GPU, stay away from the latest Windows Update

The latest Windows 11 update hasn't been too kind to the owners of AMD graphics cards.

How to use Passkeys in Windows 11

Passkeys are a great way to streamline your login for a range of services, and now you can store them on your PC too. Here's how to use them in Windows 11.

I review laptops for a living, and these are the settings I change on every device

Windows 11 and MacOS have a seemingly endless array of settings to make for the best possible computing experience. Here are the ones I change first.

I saw the AI future of Windows 11, and it blew me away

We all know Microsoft is going deep on AI with Windows 11, but I never expected to enjoy that journey so much.

Microsoft September 2023 event: everything announced so far

Reporting live from Microsoft's event, we're covering everything you need to know about what's coming next, be it Surface laptops or Windows Copilot.

How to join the Windows Insider program

The Windows Insider program is a great way to get access to Windows features before they're widely available, like Microsoft Copilot. Here's how to sign up.

Microsoft September 2023 event: everything we expect, from Surface to Copilot

Microsoft's Surface and AI Event is just around the corner, with new hardware and software updates likely to be unveiled. Here's what we expect to see.

The latest Windows Update is reportedly causing Starfield problems

The latest Windows update appears to be filled with issues, ranging from poor performance in games to straight-up crashes and blue screens.

Windows 11 might steal a popular macOS feature

AI is slowly making its way everywhere, and soon, it might be able to make your Windows 11 wallpapers look way cooler.

I review PCs for a living — here are the apps I install on every device

As a reviewer, I use a lot of laptops, not just for reviews, but also for my day-to-day workflow. Here are the apps I install right away.