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Tags Windows 10

Tag: Windows 10

Microsoft may finally kill the legacy Control Panel in Windows 10

No more confusion: One settings app is better than two

Copy and paste syncing between Windows 10 and the Galaxy S20 is awesome!

You can now copy and paste items between your PC and phone using Your Phone on Windows 10.Microsoft's Your Phone

Apple Shares New Support Document Addressing Distorted Screen Issue on Macs Running Windows 10

Apple yesterday published a new support document detailing fixes for an issue where the right side of a user's Mac

Microsoft’s Panos Panay teases Windows 10 overhaul with bold new Start Menu

A modernized File Explorer is seen in the preview as well

From Hololens to home office, over a billion devices now run Windows 10

One in seven people on the planet use Windows 10, according to Microsoft

How to play Xbox One games on your Windows 10 PC

Want to play Xbox One games on your Windows 10 PC, or an Oculus Rift, while your roommate is hogging the TV? It's not difficult to do, as long as you can make it through the initial setup process. Here's how.

Sets was one Windows’ best canceled features, and it could be making a return

The experimental Windows feature is back in beta testing

How to store files on OneDrive on Windows 10

Learn how to store files on OneDrive on Windows 10 using the built-in folder, application, and online website.

Windows 10X will have two File Explorers, and that’s a problem

Microsoft is detailing the app ecosystem for Windows 10X devices, and it includes twin File Explorers.

Don’t upgrade from Windows 7. Here’s why you should buy a new laptop instead

In this guide, we'll cut through the tech specs and show you what has changed in laptops since the Windows 7 era.

Now married to Surface, Windows might finally get interesting again

The news of Microsoft's new "Windows + Devices" group led by Panos Panay is making Windows 10 interesting again.

Windows Search is down, but don’t panic. Here’s how to fix it

Windows Search is down for many users around the globe, but you can (partially) fix it with this workaround.

How Windows 7 saved Microsoft from driving over a cliff — twice

Many people simply prefer the classic no-nonsense look of Windows 7 and hold it close to their hearts. There's a good reason why, as it saved Microsoft twice. Here's why.

Microsoft’s new Edge browser has launched, and it’s finally worth switching to

Microsoft's new browser is based on Google's open-source engine -- and it's finally worth switching to.

On the day of its death, Windows 7 is the second-most popular operating system

Windows 7 is still much-loved and is the second most popular operating system across the world, ahead of ChromeOS, and MacOS, even on the date that Microsoft is ending its official support.

How to download a Windows 10 ISO file legally, and install Windows 10 from it

Microsoft offers free ISO files of the Windows 10 operating system to anyone who wants them. With this file, you can burn Windows 10 to a DVD or USB. Here's how you can do that, in just a few simple steps.

A fond farewell to Windows 7, the last time the Start menu was useful

Win 7 is no longer supported, but Win 10 is bloated by comparison, and full of things we just don't use

The Dell Ori is the Samsung Galaxy Fold of PCs, for better or worse

As dual screen devices begin to pick up steam, Dell has previewed a new prototype that uses a bendable 13-inch screen called the Dell Ori. It's promising, but also clearly needs more work.

How to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10

There are still a few ways that you can upgrade your Windows 7 PC to Windows 10. In this guide, we'll help you get the latest and greatest operating system from Microsoft, and keep your PC safe and secure.

How to reinstall Windows 10

No operating system is immune to hiccups, and sometimes the best way to alleviate an issue is to start over from scratch. Thankfully, we've put together a detailed guide on how to reinstall Windows 10.

Latest Reviews

Dead Cells now available on the Google Play Store

Dead Cells is a game like no other currently on Android. It is, to me, the best entry that its genre has seen for a long while. If you’re looking for a good time sink, this is the perfect game for you.Loyal to original roguevania titles like Castlevania and Metroid, the game is brutally hard, has procedural generated dungeons, and tough-as-nails boss fights. If all of this sounds enticing for you, you’re going to find this game right up your dungeon alley.Dead Cells is a game that has seen great success on gaming consoles and the PC. The game rewards players for taking bold and dangerous risks, but also punishes you for being too careless with your actions. As such, it has a very niche market.However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play it. If you’re a fan of side-scrolling hack ‘n slash games, combined with magic and dungeon crawling, you should give the game a shot.The game is now live on the Google Play Store and ready for purchase. At $8.99, this is the most affordable way to enjoy the game. You also replicate the experience on other platforms if you add in a controller, which the game supports.Even if you don’t have one, the game has support for touch controls, and lets you choose whether you want to enable auto-hit or play normally (tap to attack).Dead Cells is a game that you have to finish multiple times, and the game rewards you for your journey each time you complete it. If you want to enjoy the game to its fullest, you’re looking at four to five playthroughs of the game, at least.All in all, Dead Cells is easily right up there with games like Stardew Valley. A game you’ll keep coming back to when you want to kill some time on long trips or between commutes.If you’re looking to play the game with a controller, you can visit our guide on pairing a PlayStation 4 controller to your Android Smartphone.If you have bought Dead Cells on the Play Store, let us know what you think of it in the comments section below!

Arlo Video Doorbell review: Higher quality video on the cheap

The Arlo Video Doorbell is a more affordable choice compared to doorbells from Ring and offers superior 2K/4K video capture.

Skagen Falster 3 X By Kygo Review: Scandinavian stealth

Want the sleek smartwatch look, and love a special-edition product? This Falster 3 model is for you.

This waterproof solar charger packs three charging ports

Finding a power outlet is tough enough at home, but what about when you’re outside for any length of time? Whether you’re camping, hiking, or protesting social injustices, you’re going to need to stay juiced up.Running low on battery power isn’t anything to mess with in today’s climate. The last thing you need is to have an emergency situation arise where you don’t have a phone to make calls or record an all-important video.The RAVPower 24W 3-Port Solar Charger, on sale for just $59.99 right now, is the sort of thing you’ll want on your back when it comes time to staying charged in an almost perpetual manner.Unlike portable power banks or bricks, the RAVPower unit draws power from the sun. That means you don’t have to plug it in to charge before heading out. Unfold it, aim it at the sky, and let it do its thing.Converting nearly a quarter of available solar power into energy, the RAVPower is an effective and efficient charger that looks right at home with your backpack, hiking gear, or weekend getaway kit.24W solar charging technology increases the efficiency of charging by up to 21.5% to 23.5%Half the weight of similar solar chargers but equal in power so you can bring it anywhereiSmart technology automatically detects & delivers the optimal charging current for connected devicesSmart IC frequency technology detects & evenly distributes output current to all 3 USB portsBuy Yours NowShop the AndroidGuys Deals Store today and you can find the RAVPower 24W 3-Port Solar Charger for just $59.99, or 33% off.Best SellersEarn Credits!For every $25 you spend in the AG Deals Store you get $1 credit added to your account. And, if you refer the deal via social media or an email that results in a purchase, you’ll earn $10 credit in your account.First Time Buying?If this is your first time buying, you are also eligible for 10% discount! Just be sure to subscribe for email updates.Free StuffNot looking to spend any money today? No worries. You can still visit the AndroidGuys section for freebies and pick something anyhow.