Monday, December 4, 2023

Windows 10

MSI just fixed a massive problem affecting Intel’s best CPUs

MSI just managed to fix a major problem that got some users stuck in a spiral of computer crashes. Here's what you need to know to avoid this issue.

ChatGPT can now generate working Windows 11 keys for free

A Twitter user has found a clever way to use ChaGPT to create free Windows 11 Pro keys with just a simple prompt -- but there’s a notable catch involved.

Windows 11 could be hurting your gaming performance — but you shouldn’t worry

An obscure security feature in Windows 11 and Windows 10 could be impacting gaming performance, according to a new set of benchmarks. Should you disable it?

PC gamers are flocking to Windows 11, new Steam survey says

The latest Steam Survey shows that the adoption of Windows 11 by PC gamers is going well. Are we all ready to say goodbye to Windows 10?

Windows 11 has been causing problems with Intel graphics for months, and no one said a word

Microsoft revealed that a not-so-recent update may have broken DirectX in Intel graphics, but luckily, there seems to be a fix on the way.

How to get Windows 11 for free

If you already have a legal Windows 10 installation, you can easily upgrade to Windows 11 for free. Here's how to do it.

Microsoft warns that relying on Internet Explorer may cause disruptions

Microsoft has announced further end-of-life updates for Internet Explorer on Windows 10 that will take place in February 2023.

Update Windows now — Microsoft just fixed several dangerous exploits

Microsoft has just fixed a whole lot of dangerous vulnerabilities as part of its latest Windows patch.

It’s not just you — Microsoft admits its patches broke OneDrive

If OneDrive just started crashing and giving error messages on your computer, it might be Microsoft's fault since a recent update caused the problem.

Microsoft’s DirectStorage may improve loading times by 200%, but don’t get too excited

Microsoft has introduced GPU decompression to DirectStorage 1.1, resulting in up to three times faster loading in games. There's a catch, though.

The Windows 11 2022 Update has officially launched — here’s how to install it

Here's how to know if your device is eligible for the Windows 11 version 22H2 update and how to install the software for your Windows 11 or Windows 10 devices.

Windows 11’s new update cadence finally makes sense

Microsoft will keep Windows 11 on an annual update cadence, but will also squeeze in smaller feature rollouts throughout the year.

How to tag files in Windows 10

One of the most effective ways to optimize your Windows 10 experience is to take advantage of the tag system, helping you identify your files. We show you how.

How to create a system restore point in Windows 10

Creating system restore points in Windows 10 is a utility that can prove to be extremely useful if you're experiencing technical issues. Here's how to use it.

Top 10 Windows shortcuts everyone should know

You may be satisfied with the Windows shortcuts you already use, but you can enhance your PC experience with these 10 Windows shortcuts everyone should know.

How to factory reset an HP laptop

Factory resetting a laptop is an unnerving prospect, but sometimes it’s the only effective option left to get rid of problems. Here's how to reset a HP laptop.