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Latest Omdia Report: smartphone shipments decline for eight consecutive quarter

Smartphone shipments continue to decline year in year out even for companies that are known to be biggest among smartphone manufacturers. Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, all share in having the decline. Research group Omdia takes a look at smartphone shipments every year, helping the world to know what progress has been made in the industry.In its latest report, Omdia confirms that all major smartphone OEMs apart from Transsion Holdings and Huawei saw declines year on year. The trend continues in 2023. Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi saw shipments reduce up to 10 percent from quarter two in 2022 to second quarter in 2023.Contributing factorsFor the eight consecutive years, there were various contributing factors leading to smartphone shipment decline. However, recovery came for the COVID-19 period which fell between quarter four of 2020 and quarter three of 2021. Important supply issues and consumers demand remain the main culprits for this decline. We take a look at the three biggest smartphone manufacturers – Samsung, Apple, and Xiaomi.Quarterly Result: 2Q23RankOEM2Q231Q232Q22QoQYoYShipmentM/SShipmentM/SShipmentM/S1Samsung53.320%60.322%62.221%-11.5%-14.3%2Apple43.216%57.321%48.917%-24.6%-11.7%3Xiaomi33.212%30.511%39.413%8.9%-15.7%4Oppo Group25.09%26.510%27.99%-5.8%-10.5%5Transsion24.59%13.05%17.76%88.5%38.4%6vivo22.38%21.48%24.88%4.2%-10.1%7Honor14.15%11.24%15.15%25.9%-6.6%8Motorola10.44%10.54%12.74%-1.0%-18.2%9Realme10.14%8.23%13.45%23.2%-24.6%10Huawei7.43%6.42%6.42%15.6%15.6% Others22.58%23.89%25.29%-5.6%-10.9% Total265.9 100%269.1 100%293.8 100%-1.2%-9.5%Source: Omdia Global Smartphone Shipment Preliminary Result 2Q23© 2023 OmdiaNote: Oppo Group includes Oppo and OnePlus. Transsion includes Tecno, itel and InfinixSamsungSee Also: Samsung unveils the latest A-series smartphones: Galaxy A54 and Galaxy A34The company had the most shipments in the second quarter of 2023. However, that pales in comparison to the results published in the first quarter the same year. The company has a 14.3 percent year on year decline. That’s something that gives the firm a challenge. Due to ongoing economic recession, there’s a fall in demand for mid to low-end Samsung phones. It is also noted that Samsung Galaxy A series is getting less attraction from buyers.AppleThe company has seen a a big quarter on quarter fall after a successful first quarter this year for the iPhone 14 series. 43.2 million shipments were recorded, and that’s 24.6 percent fall from the first quarter of this year to the second quarter of last year. The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are doing well in the market but the standard and Plus models are not doing so well.XiaomiAccording to the report, Xiaomi’s shipments are still falling too. From the second quarter of 2022, it has a 15.7 percent fall year on year. Last year, the second quarter saw 39.4 million Xiaomi phones shipped but it fell to 33.2 million this year.The slump in smartphone sales will continue till the third quarter, as experts say. Probably, the industry can see a boost during the fourth quarter of 2023.

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