Wednesday, April 24, 2024


FBI disables Russian malware operation targeting foreign governments

The FBI has successfully disrupted a malware operation that allowed Russian spies to steal sensitive information from foreign governments over many years.

Apple Restores Russian Social Network VKontakte and to App Store

Apple has restored Russian apps for social network VKontakte and webmail provider to the App Store, three weeks after

Apple Removes Russian VK Apps From App Store in Response to UK Sanctions

Apple has removed from the App Store all iOS apps belonging to Russian technology conglomerate VK, a move Apple says

How mobile users in authoritarian countries evade government controls

There's a growing struggle between many governments and their citizens to control information flowing through the internet.

Apple Closes Loophole That Allowed Mir Cardholders to Use Apple Pay in Russia

Apple this week suspended its Apple Pay service for the Mir card payment system in Russia, effectively closing a loophole

App Store and iTunes Purchases Reportedly ‘Turned Off’ in Russia is reporting that iTunes and App Store purchases can no longer be made by Apple device users located in

Intel joins list of companies to halt shipping to Russia

Intel has announced that it will stop shipments to Russia and Belarus, effective immediately. It joins Apple, AMD, and others that have already done the same.

AMD has suspended chip sales to Russia

AMD, maker of Radeon GPUs and Ryzen CPUs, is the latest global company to severe ties with Russia.

You can no longer buy Apple products in Russia

After stopping the export of Apple products to Russia, Apple is now halting sales of all its products via its online store.

Apple Halts All Sales From Online Store in Russia [Updated]

Apple today stopped all product sales from its online website in Russia, which means customers in Russia can no longer

Ukraine Asks Apple to Stop Product Sales and Block App Store Access in Russia

Ukrainian vice prime minister Mykhailo Fedorov today wrote a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook calling on Apple to stop

Hackers Behind MacBook Pro Schematics Leak Arrested in Russia

The ransomware hackers behind last year's MacBook Pro schematics leak have now been arrested in Russia, the FSB today announced

Apple Attempts to Stop Developers Promoting Alternative Payment Options for In-App Purchases in Russia

Apple is undertaking legal action in Russia to prevent developers from promoting alternative payment methods for in-app purchases that bypass

Apple Facing Russian Investigation Into Alleged Monopolistic App Store Behavior

Russia's FAS, or Federal Antimonopoly Service, has launched a formal investigation into Apple over alleged violation of antitrust laws about

YotaPhone smartphone resurrected in latest twist in Trump-Russia saga

An innovative two-screened Android phone has been resurrected — in the investigation of the investigation of the 2016 presidential election.

Apple Pay Now Available for Mir Cardholders in Russia

Customers using cards with the Russian payment system "Mir" now have access to using their cards with Apple Pay, the