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OneDrive is ruining my PC gaming setup

Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage service is installed on your PC by default, and it can cause some trouble when playing PC games on multiple devices.

It’s not just you — Microsoft admits its patches broke OneDrive

If OneDrive just started crashing and giving error messages on your computer, it might be Microsoft's fault since a recent update caused the problem.

OneDrive is getting stories, but it’s not what you expect

Microsoft is testing a stories feature in OneDrive to help you connect with the people who matter most.

How to sync files and folders to OneDrive

If you’ve never used OneDrive before but want to give it a go, our guide on how to sync files and folders to OneDrive will help you understand the basics.

How to disable Microsoft OneDrive

If you don't like or don't need Microsoft OneDrive, you can just get rid of it. Here's how to disable Microsoft OneDrive.

Microsoft OneDrive Gains Native Support for Apple Silicon Macs

Microsoft has been testing a pre-release Apple silicon version of OneDrive since last year, and now the native version of

Microsoft Responds to OneDrive Mac User Criticism Following Decision to Enforce Files On-Demand Feature

Earlier this week, MacRumors reported on a OneDrive for Mac update that has caused upset among users of the cloud

OneDrive Mac Users Unhappy With Buggy and Enforced New ‘Files On-Demand Experience’

Changes to the way OneDrive syncs files and folders on Mac has caused upset among users of the cloud storage

Apple Confirms macOS 12.3 Deprecates Kernel Extensions Used by Dropbox and OneDrive

Apple today seeded the first beta of macOS 12.3 to developers for testing. In the release notes for the update,

macOS 12.3 Will Include Cloud Storage Changes Affecting Dropbox and OneDrive

Dropbox today announced that users who update to macOS 12.3 once that software version becomes available may temporarily encounter issues

Microsoft Releases Preview of Native OneDrive Client for Apple Silicon Macs

Microsoft today offered OneDrive users a pre-release version of its OneDrive syncing client for macOS that is optimized to run

How to transfer files from PC to PC

Need to move a file or other document from one PC to another? We've got you covered with a guide looking at wired, wireless, cloud storage, and other methods.

OneDrive adds photo editing features to compete with Google Photos

On June 22, 2021, Microsoft’s cloud storage solution OneDrive announced that it was adding new photo editing features to the Android app and for users on the web.With these new options, you can crop, rotate and adjust the lighting and color of your photos stored in OneDrive. Features that have been lacking within the app for far too long, better late than never I guess. The one caveat being that it is limited to JPEG and PNG image files, although that covers two of the most popular formats, so it should be fine for most general users.When editing photos you’ll have the option to save it as a new photo or replace the original, but don’t worry, if you change your mind later there is still a way to recover the original by using version history.Additionally, OneDrive for Android has now added a way for you to cast your photos from the app to Chromecast-enabled devices. Just look in the upper right corner of the app when viewing a photo and tap the cast icon. From there, you’ll be able to select what Chromecast-enabled display you’d like to send the photo to.While editing is already rolling out for personal accounts, Microsoft says that the features will be coming to OneDrive work and school accounts this summer. Furthermore, photo editing will be making its way to iOS devices later this year.The new photo editing features in OneDrive couldn’t have come at a better time. Now that Google Photos no longer stores your images for free, it has opened the doors for competition like Microsoft or Amazon to step in.While OneDrive still has a long way to go to reach feature parity with Google Photos, this might sway some users to start backing up their photos with Microsoft. Especially if you find your Google storage running low.

OneDrive for Web Gains Image Editing Tools, Coming to iOS App Soon

OneDrive users can now edit pictures after they've uploaded them to the cloud storage service, thanks to the addition of

What cloud storage options are available for photos in 2021?

You might have heard the news recently that Google Photos unlimited storage is going away and photos that you store from this point forward will count towards your total Google storage quota (which includes your Gmail and Google Drive data).Even with that change, you probably still want to store your photos in the cloud. There are plenty of options to choose from but some are better than others.Here are some options for you to consider for cloud storage, presented in a handy chart.]NameApp AvailabilityPricePhoto FeaturesBenefitsGoogle OneAndroidiOSWindowsOn The Web15GB – Free100GB – $2 per month/$20 annually200GB – $3 per month/$30 annually2TB – $10 per month/$100 annually10TB – $100 per month20TB – $200 per month30TB – $300 per monthEasy to NavigateOrganization by subject or locationEasy searchPhoto EditingSharingCreation of montages, collages, animations, and morePhoto booksWorks across all Google Apps, including Google DriveCan be shared with your family24/7 SupportCan be paid for with your Google Play BalanceGoogle Play Points towards in-game credits, Google Play credit, or even donations to charitiesUp to 40% off at hotelsCash back at the Google Store, up to 10% for the 2TB planA VPN at the 2TB option or higherPro Sessions where Google tech support can help you learn more about Google Products if you have the 2TB plan or higher (currently only available in English)Amazon Photos/Amazon DriveFire OSAndroidiOSWindows5GB – Free with Amazon AccountUnlimited storage – Free with an Amazon Prime account (Still only 5GB video/file storage)100GB Video/File – $2 per month1TB – $7 per month2TB – $12 per monthPhoto EditingMerchandise (Hardcopy, merch, and decor)Image recognition searchFamily SharingDocument StorageDropboxAndroidiOSWindows2GB – Free2TB -$12 per month/$120 per yearFamily 2TB (Up to six users – $20 per month/$204 per yearNo specific photo featuresSharingCollaboration with Dropbox PaperApp IntegrationsSecurity features such as password protectionsBoxAndroidiOSWindowsMac10GB – Free100GB – $14 per month/$120 per yearNo specific photo featuresTwo factor authenticationaes-256 encrpytionAdmin ConsoleIntegration with Office 365, Google Workspace, Adobe Creative CloudMegaAndroidiOSWindowsMacLinux50GB – Free400GB – $6.09 per month/$60.96 per year2TB – $12.18 per month/$121.94 per year8TB – $24.38 per month/$243.89 per year16TB – $36.57 per month/$365.84 per yearNo specific photo featuresEasy SharingTransfer CenterOpen SourceEnd-to-End EncryptedSecure ChatBigMIND Home byZoolzAndroidiOSWindowsMac1GB – free100GB – $35.88 per yearFamily500GB – $83.88 per year1TB – $155.88 per yearImage Discovery using AISmart filters searchDirect video streamingZoolz is a very experienced cloud service provider based on AWSAES-256 EncryptionpCloudBrowser ExtensionAndroidiOSWindowsMacLinux500GB – $47.88 per year/$175 lifetime2TB – $95.88 per year/$350 lifetimeBuilt-in video playerVideo StreamingSharing5 copies of filesAES-256, option for extra encryptioniDrive PhotosAndroidiOSUnlimited Photo Backup – $9.95/yearCurrently available Promotion – $0.99 cents for the first yearOriginal resolution uploadsSharingTimeline viewFavorites AlbumAES-256 EncryptionTresoritAndroidiOSWindowsMacLinux500GB – $12.50 per month/$125.04 a year2.5TB – $30 per month/$288 per yearNo specific photo featuresSwitzerland-based companyEnd-to-end encryptionRSA-4096 encryptionDegooAndroidiOSWeb100GB – Free (Ad-supported, no zero-knowledge encryption)500GB – $3 per month10TB – $10 per monthAlso available viaAndroidGuys Deals:1TB – $50 lifetime2TB – $60 lifetime3TB – $70 lifetime10TB – $100 lifetime15TB – $130 lifetime25TB – $200 lifetime35TB – $250 lifetime50TB – $300 lifetimeTwo 10TB Plans – $160 lifetimePhoto compressionDirect Video StreamingAI engine to highlight best photosZero-knowledge storage with end-to-end AES-256 EncryptionUnlimited File SizeSugarsyncAndroidiOSWindowsMac100GB – $7.49 per month250GB – $9.99 per month500GB – $18.95 per monthNo specific photo featuresFile SharingAES-256 encryptionEasy restoration/rollbacksOnedriveAndroidiOSWindows5GB – Free100GB – $2 per monthWith Microsoft 3651TB – $7 per month/$70 per yearFamily(6TB for up to six people) – $10 per month/$100 per yearOn This Day feature to see past photosPhoto scanningPersonal vault feature for extra file protectionTwo-factor authenticationVerizon(Carrier-specific)AndroidiOSWindowsMac600GB Free with Do More Unlimited or Get More Unlimited or $5.99 per month2TB – $14.99 per monthUnlimited – $20 per monthCloud StorageSearch by SubjectPhoto prints and other giftsSharingAT&T (Carrier-specific)AndroidiOS500GB – $4.99 per month2TB – $9.99 per monthPhoto editingCan backup call logs and messages on some devicesStarchiveAndroidiOSFree – 21GB100GB – $12.50 per month for up to 5 people or $24.50 per month for up to 50 peopleAlso available via AndroidGuys Deals:100GB – $30 lifetime500GB – $70 lifetime1TB – $72.74 lifetimeRAW images/Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop filesCollections to group files and searchTags and custom fields for searchingImport from social mediaAI organization and searchIn-built file previewsSharingAny types of filesAES-256 EncryptionCustom metadata editing and extraction4syncAndroidiOSWindows1TB – $17 per month/$100 per yearAlso available viaAndroidGuys Deals:1TB – $50 for a yearNo specific photo featuresSharingKoofrAndroidiOSWindowsMacFree – 2GB100GB – $30 a year250GB – $59 a year1TB – $147 a year2.5TB – $293 a year10TB – $879 a yearAlso available viaAndroidGuys Deals:100GB – $30 lifetime250GB – $60 lifetime1TB – $169.99 lifetimeNo specific photo featuresTwo step verificationSharingSupport for Facebook or ChromeVersioning and recoveryIntegration with other cloud storageElephantDriveAndroidiOSWindowsMacLinuxAlso available viaAndroidGuys Deals:1TB – $38 for two yearsNo specific photo featuresAES-256 EncryptionNAS backupSharingRecovery and restoration 

Here’s how to switch from Samsung Cloud to OneDrive before time runs out

Samsung Cloud is retiring its Gallery Sync and Drive Storage from April 1. Here's how to switch from Samsung Cloud to OneDrive or download your data.