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Nvidia admits its horrible GPU shortage will continue throughout 2021

During a call with shareholders, Nvidia explained that GPU demand will continue to exceed supply throughout 2021.

How to use AMD Smart Access Memory and Nvidia Resizable BAR

AMD Smart Access Memory and Nvidia Resizable BAR give your CPU access to graphics memory and promise to speed up your gaming. Here's how to enable it.

Nvidia embraces ARM on its new Grace supercomputing processors

Nvidia's Grace is a new ARM processor designed for supercomputers, using NVLink interconnect to deliver 10 times the performance of its rivals.

Nvidia expands RTX Studio lineup with new Ampere GPUs for laptops, desktops

Nvidia announced new GPUs for creators based on its Ampere architecture, with new cards under the RTX Studio branding for laptops and desktops.

Nvidia to bring GeForce RTX graphics to ARM-based Chromebooks and Linux PCs

Nvidia announced a partnership with SoC maker MediaTek that would being GeForce RTX 3000 GPU technologies to ARM-based processors on Chromebook and Linux PCs.

Here’s why Nvidia might start selling the GTX 1080 Ti, a four-year old GPU

EVGA sent out a GTX 1080 Ti manufactured in 2021, suggesting that the four-year-old card is making a comeback.

Smugglers transported 300 GPUs in a Mission Impossible-style speed boat chase

Hong Kong Customs met a group of smugglers outside the airport, taking up to 300 Nvidia GPUs alongside smartphones, exotic foods, and system RAM.

Nvidia leak shows next-gen GPUs could be five times as powerful as RTX 3080

Still waiting to buy Nvidia's RTX 3000 series GPUs? You may want to wait. The Ampere successor -- code-named Hopper -- is shaping up to be a powerful upgrade.

Asus launches a tiny RTX 3060 that’s perfect for your petite PC

The latest Asus Phoenix RTX 3060 graphics cards delivers Nvidia Ampere graphics power to small form factor PCs, enabling even more compact gaming rigs.

Dell XPS 8940 SE Desktop review: The do-it-all PC

This home PC punches above its weight class, both literally and metaphorically.

Why the GPU shortage problem is still getting worse, not better

Gamers should be prepared to pay double or triple a card's retail price or risk waiting until the third quarter of this year to be able to buy a new GPU.

How Nintendo could use A.I. to bring 4K gaming to the Switch Pro

To bring 4K support to the rumored Switch Pro, Nintendo could be making its console act more like a PC by leveraging machine learning and DLSS.

Nvidia rumored to soon launch two new GPUs that you likely won’t be able to buy

Nvidia is rumored to be working on the RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3070 Ti in the premium high-end and midrange segments, but supplies are expected to be limited.

Nvidia RTX 3080 seekers could face shortages through July

A new report indicates that shortages of Nvidia's latest GPUs might go on until at least the summer or July at the earliest, contrary to what Nvidia claims.

RX 6700 XT vs. RTX 3070

AMD's recently announced 6700 XT is an alternative to Nvidia's RTX 3070 at around $500, but how do they compare? Here, we pit the RX 6700 XT vs. the RTX 3070.

Nvidia’s resizable BAR explained: What is it and how can you get a gaming boost?

Nvidia debuted Resizable BAR on its RTX 3060, and its coming to other RTX 3000 cards in March, allowing gamers to get a boost in select titles.

EVGA GeForce RTX 3060 XC Black graphics card review: $329 well spent

Supply issues aside, Nvidia has yet another midrange hit on its hands. Whether it's in gaming or creative applications, the RTX 3060 impresses.

Nvidia RTX 3060 review roundup: What you’ll get with some variants of this GPU

Nvidia's affordable RTX 3060 has much going for it, but there's still plenty of confusion over which model to choose from among more than 50 different designs.

Here’s how Nvidia plans to stop crypto miners from buying gaming GPUs

Nvidia is appeasing gamers who have been frustrated by the lack of GPU availability by offering cryptocurrency miners a new CMP.

Internet cafes are being repurposed as cryptocurrency mining farms

With gamers unable to visit cyber cafes during the pandemic, these businesses are making more money sitting empty, with owners now focused on crypto mining.

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