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Netflix is finally coming to Nest Hub Smart Displays

Google’s Nest Hub Smart Displays have been a great entry into the screened Assistant for the search giant. However, it hasn’t always been a smooth path– between technical issues and glaring omissions like Netflix, there have been plenty of growing pains.Thankfully, both sides have come to a new agreement that fixes this omission from Nest Hub Smart Displays. Starting today, you can now use Netflix on these devices from Google. After over a year, the wait is finally over and you can initiate the streaming service via voice on the Nest Hub Smart Displays.All you need to do is make sure your Netflix account is linked to the Google Home or Assistant app and use your voice. By using “Hey Google, open Netflix” you can bring up a stripped-down version of Netflix’s immersive UI. You can also call on streaming specific shows as well in a similar fashion.You can then interact with the content via the touchscreen, voice, or gestures. Google has made sure the Quick Gestures for Nest Hub work with Netflix from the jump. With this, you can pause or play videos by raising your hand towards the display.There are a few caveats we don’t know just yet. One is that this seems to be a rolling fix by one, or both, software giants and many are not seeing the update yet. Google is known for regional rollouts of server-side software like this and we can only assume this will take the same approach.Another is Chromecast. It’s another assumption, but you’d have to believe that “now supports” Netflix includes the Casting feature, but the Google announcement doesn’t reference this directly. Once we have a working unit with Nest Hub and Netflix we will know more.Last, we have no official word on third-party Google Smart Displays. The likes of Lenovo, JBL, and LG all have smart displays outside the Nest brand. One can only hope that this new Netflix fix rolls out to those as well in the future.Despite these issues, the announcement alone is great news for Nest Hub owners. It gives Google another compelling feature that is not available on competing offerings from the Amazon Echo Show or Facebook Portal. Let us know in the comments if you have the new feature, or if you are patiently still waiting.

Netflix iOS App Will Soon Let You Remove Titles From Your ‘Continue Watching’ List

Netflix says users of its iOS app will soon be able to remove content from their "continue watching" list, which

How to remove content from Netflix ‘Continue Watching’ on your phone

Netflix is one of the world’s most popular streaming platforms, but the service can have its share of irritations. Take, for instance, removing content from your Continue Watching list.In the past, removing Continue Watching has been a pain. You’d had to navigate through the back-end of the service to manually remove stuff you don’t want to be shown at the homepage.Whether you just wanted to watch a single episode or one part of a movie, the rest of the media would be stapled to your Continue Watching, ruining your line-up of content arrangement.Netflix has quietly rolled out a new feature that allows you to manually remove content from the line-up so that you no longer have to see that show or movie as an option for opening it once.The feature is on the latest version of the smartphone app, and it immediately affects the homepage layout for your other devices, including desktop, smart TV, and tablets.For Android PhonesEnsure you are on the latest version of Netflix from the Google Play Store.Navigate to your Continue Watching list and below the title you wish to remove, look for three dots below its title.Tap on the three dots and you’ll now see a new option of Remove from Row.Tap on Remove From Row and you’ll get a confirmation box.Once you tap on Yes, the content you chose will now be gone. This applies to TV shows, documentary, movies, and any other media you can access on Netflix. And the best part is that it automatically synchronizes across other platforms.The new feature is especially handy if you’re looking to de-clutter your Continue Watching space. It is currently exclusive to smartphones; we weren’t able to replicate the process on the website or Windows 10 application. Hopefully, it gets added soon to the web experience.Find the new feature useful? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Netflix Now Lets You Add a PIN to Your Profile

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Netflix has complied with a request from the European Union to lower its streaming video quality in Europe to ease

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The European Union has called on Netflix, YouTube and other streaming services to consider temporarily reducing streaming quality in a

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Netflix today announced a new feature that will see the streaming service offering a series of top 10 lists that

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Western tech giants have been actively trying to break into the Indian market

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Netflix today announced the launch of a new toggle that will let Netflix users turn off autoplay previews, which has

Digital Trends Live: Uber and Postmate sue California, gene editing, and more

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, we break down the top tech stories, including a lawsuit filed against California by Uber and Postmates, iPhone 12 rumors, the top Netflix shows, robotic cats, and more.

Filmmakers slam Netflix feature that lets you binge-watch more quickly

Netflix is testing a new feature that lets you adjust the playback speed of content. But a number of filmmakers have slammed the idea, suggesting it has the potential to wreck a filmmaker's hard work.

Enter here for your chance to win a lifetime of Netflix

Netflix is awesome stuff. You know it and we know it. But, it’s one of those services where we’ve seen the price increase a few times in just the last couple of years.At last check, Netflix Premium is $16 per month, or $192 per year. How would you like to keep that money instead? What if you could save nearly $200 per year, for the rest of your life?With thousands of hours of television shows and movies, and even more original content, Netflix is one awesome service. Whether it’s Stranger Things, Mindhunter, Orange is the New Black, BoJack Horseman or something else, we all have our favorite shows. Then there’s original movies like El Camino and the upcoming The Irishman.Netflix GiveawayWe want to give you a lifetime account to Netflix at no cost! So, for the next few weeks you have a chance to enter a drawing which gives you that opportunity.You can increase your chances of winning by sharing the contest, giving you an added edge.Don’t mess around and miss out. Even though registration doesn’t end until January 29, 2020, you’ll want to get in as soon as possible.

Mac users should not hold their breath for Netflix to port its iOS app

In spite of a Catalyst from Apple to make it easier to bring iOS apps to the Mac, Netflix is holding out. Mac users will still be able to access Netflix from a browser, but more advanced app-specific features won't be available.

What’s the holdup with Netflix and Google Smart Displays?

Google has a new range of devices that are very important to its future hardware plans. The smart display is a new venue for the company to literally present Google Assistant to users with a great out-of-the-box experience. However, these devices are also amazing Google Cast units as well, but one major partner is missing: Netflix.What’s Missing?While you can watch most streaming apps like Hulu, YouTube, and Plex via Cast on any Nest Hub (previously Google Home Hub), Netflix has been missing since Google’s launch. There’s a lot of speculation on why this the case. We’ll try to dive deeper in some of the reasons we think this option is currently missing.New TechnologyFirst, and foremost, the Google Nest Hub, and smart displays are still a fairly new form factor. Both Google and its partners are still experimenting with what these screens should and shouldn’t do. Hell, at launch, the editions from the likes of Lenovo didn’t even run the same OS.The underlying technology is there to at least make an attempt in Netflix playback. Google Nest Hubs all have Google Cast built into the OS and the app supports video playback via this protocol. This points to how Netflix is very particular on how they release the streaming services to devices.Not Netflix Certified HardwareThat leads us to the more likely scenario- Netflix is dedicated to making sure that its content is seen in the most positive light possible. The last thing the company wants it to have a sub-par experience due to some unforeseen immaturity of the Google Nest Hub. With this, Netflix has a metric it requires devices to meet before the service can become available.Google and Netflix have both eluded, but never confirmed that this is the reasoning behind the omission on Google Nest Hubs. Each company has been quoted on talks between the two to find a solution. However, at the moment we still are in waiting. Without Netflix’s approval, Google can’t just make this work on its own.What Happens Next?Honestly, we wait and see, but I have confidence that these two content giants will eventually make this work.Google sees video playback as a real differentiation for its smart displays like Nest Hub over the closest competition from Amazon’s Echo Show series. Cast allows many more streaming services to have access to this new form factor with very little change to developers current applications.Netflix also will have more motivation to open the service to Google’s platform once the sales increase. Google is making a huge fall push with more hardware like the larger in-house model of the Google Nest Hub Max and refreshes from partners like Lenovo as well.We hope this additional streaming option comes sooner rather than later. It really is the biggest missing video on demand for the Google array of smart displays.

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Three-quarters of Netflix subscribers have no intention of subscribing to either Apple TV+ or Disney+ when they launch next month,

Netflix CEO Says Apple TV+ and Disney+ Will Create ‘A Whole New World’ of ‘Tough Competition’

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings recently discussed what he thinks about the upcoming launch of new rivals Apple TV+ and Disney+,

Netflix starts testing Collections section: Curation by humans, not algorithms

Netflix has started testing Collections, a feature that will recommend lists of TV shows and movies curated by humans, not algorithms. The section will appear on the iOS app for selected participants.

Netflix Tests Human Curated ‘Collections’ Feature on iOS

Netflix is testing a human curated discovery feature on iOS called "Collections" that surfaces TV shows and movies the user

Latest Reviews

Vissles-M Monitor review

If you’ve ever used multiple screens for your work PC, you know just how beneficial it can be to your productivity. Being able to monitor emails or social media without switching between tabs is really convenient. The same goes for working on a document with source material on a second screen.While it’s not entirely uncommon to have two screens for the home or office computer, you certainly don’t see that very often with laptops. Nobody has perfected an affordable portable experience with two screens.It’s possible, of course, to plug your laptop or Chromebook into a hub/dock or to simply connect to a monitor as needed. That’s nice and all, but the screen takes up space and it’s not something you can take with you on the road.The Vissles-M ($199), is a portable 15.6-inch display that connects to your computer, laptop, and other devices. It also allows for touch, and that’s pretty damn cool, if not something you get in a traditional monitor.With two USB Type-C ports and one mini-HDMI port, it plugs into your gaming consoles (Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch) and Android phones. Indeed, it allows for you to put a screen where you normally wouldn’t, bringing about new levels of productivity or entertainment.There is also a 3.5mm headphone jack which comes in handy should you find yourself working in a coffee shop; built-in speakers are located at the bottom.The Vissles-M is an IPS panel with a non-glare surface and a contrast ratio of 800:1. Its resolution is 1920 x 1080, which should be on par with your standard laptop screen.Included in the box are a number of cables, which we certainly appreciate. It’s nice not having to hunt down a USB-C-to-USB-C cable or a mini-HDMI cable just to get going.The display has a magnetic protective cover that keeps the screen from getting scratches. It’s also this cover that becomes the stand to prop it up. We found it does well with varying angles for different viewing perspectives.The whole thing weighs in about 1.5-pounds so it travels very well. And because it’s ultra-thin, you can put it in the same bag as your laptop without notice.We’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about the overall picture, it is a monitor after all. Brightness is contrast is good, but you’ll want to plug into a power source if you can.We didn’t get above 65 percent before our unit wanted to power off. Plugging in a second USB-C cable into the wall let us get all the way up to 100. With that said, we do appreciate when we’re able to adjust the image based on environmental or situational needs.The picture is clear and has a nice contrast, and we found it has good viewing angles. There’s something in the non-glare coating that gives it a bit of a dull or flat effect. It’s not terrible, and really only makes itself obvious when contrasting to your laptop or other screens. If you’re using it for watching videos or gaming, you’ll probably be happy with the image.We paired ours up with an entry-level Chromebook for a few weeks and came away feeling like the image was nearly identical. Stick it with a Pixelbook or something premium, though, and you’ll see the difference.This isn’t a gaming monitor, to be sure. Don’t buy this for that aspect or you’ll come away less than pleased. The real demographic here is someone who might need to boost productivity from time to time. Whether that means duplicating/sharing their screen, engaging in Slack or Zoom chats while working on a document, or blowing through emails, it works well.We had mixed results when using our phones as the Vissles-M mirrors your handset but doesn’t allow for touch. It doesn’t fill the screen and the image sits vertically in the middle. The only real use case we can see here might be for sharing your screen with someone else, and even then that’s not great.We’d love to be able to open up email in a tablet-like experience. At a minimum we’d like to be able to rotate the image to better fill the screen.We’ve enjoyed having this on the standing desk as it makes working from a laptop more practical and efficient. It largely stays put around the office, but we’ve found it fun to take with us for a little bit of downtime. Getting in some Paper Mario on the Nintendo Switch is a a unique experience when you can do it tabletop at the park or on the back deck.Learn more about the Vissles-M at the Vissles website where it’s also available for purchase. Pick yours up for about $200 right now.

Sony Xperia 1 II review: Stand out from the crowd

Sony uses its expertise in cameras, screens, and design on the desirable and unusual, but rather niche, Xperia 1 II.

Boost Mobile calls up three new entry-level rate plans

Boost Mobile on Monday introduced three new entry-level plans for consumers who may need to stick to a tight budget. The trio include unlimited talk and text with varying degrees of high speed data.Boost Mobile already has two rate plans which cost less than $50, a 10GB ($35) and $45 (15GB). With the addition of the new options Boost subscribers now have five choices under $50.$10 – Unlimited talk, text, and 1GB data$15 – Unlimited talk, text, and 2GB data$25 – Unlimited talk, text, and 5GB dataIn addition to the new rate plan, Boost Mobile is also introducing high-speed data add-on packages which can be recurring or one-time usage. Pricing is $5 per gigabyte and is available in one and two gigabyte options.SEE: Boost Mobile Buyer’s GuideBoost Mobile does have a pair of unlimited data plans which cost $50 and $60 per month. The difference between the two being the former includes 12GB mobile hotspot while the latter has 30GB hotspot and unlimited HD video streaming.Boost recently launched a new $hrink-It! plan which starts out at $45 per month and includes 15GB data. Customers who pay their bill on time three months receive a $5 discount on their plan. Do it again, and Boost will shave another $5 off each month, putting it at just $35 per month after six total on-time payments.

WaterField Bootcamp Gym Bag review

We might be largely stuck at home as the summer 2020 season kicks into high gear but that doesn’t mean we’re completely hopeless. Businesses are open, albeit with limited hours, and likely a few safety measure in place.One segment of business that a lot of us missed during the shutdown was the workout and personal fitness one. Sure, we can get in a few exercises and routines at home, but there’s nothing like having a dedicated place to go with proper equipment.If you’re among those willing and/or able to get to and from a gym, you’ll want to pack the right gear. For some that means just a quick change of shoes. For others it might mean a dedicated outfit, headphones, water bottle, and more.Up for review today is the WaterField Bootcamp Gym Bag, a perfect companion for toting your items back and forth to the gym. 1 of 4 We’ve been a fan of the WaterField brand since we first had to chance to check out its products. And after spending some time with this one, we’ve fallen head over heels with it. In fact, we’ve come to use it on an almost daily basis, gym or no gym.Almost square in stature (13.5-inches x 12.5-inches), the Bootcamp Gym Bag is available in tan waxed canvas or ballistic nylon. Our review unit was the former, which we’ve found gets a nice patina and unique look after a few weeks.The size is just right for putting into most gym lockers, and adequate enough for the stuff we carry with us on a day-today basis. Some days that means a portable charger, pair of shoes, notebook, and a magazine. Other days it’s car keys, water bottles, and a change of clothes.We appreciate that there are two pockets for (up to 3-inch) bottles, one at each end. This is great for days when you might leave the house with any combination of protein shake, sports drink, energy drink, or water.The main interior can be accessed by way of both side. On one you’ll find it is zippered nearly all the way around. On the other there is a zipper across the top which lets you quickly reach an internal pocket. We like that the bag allows for easy access — even when the bag is in a locker.The “rip-stop” lining is not just functional, preventing tears and snags, but also provides an eye-catching complimentary color.On the exterior is a pocket that snaps closed with a magnet, and is often where we toss our keys, earbud case, and wallet. Flip it around and you’ll find a pocket that fits magazines, books, and other items to be hastily stashed.If you’re the type who gets up at the crack of dawn, ready to take on the world with CrossFit, you’ll dig this bag. It’s the right size for your wrist straps, gloves, and other gear. The same goes for indoor wall climbers and weight-lifters. The WaterField Bootcamp Gym Bag is the right size for your daily tools.Depending on how and where you use the bag, you might find yourself using the shoulder strap. It’s included with the bag and sort of re-purposes it into a daily commuter bag. While it doesn’t have a laptop or tablet sleeve, it does have enough nooks and crannies to stow away pens, notepads, phones, keys, and more.This will likely become our go-to bag for traveling by air, if and when that ever happens again. It’s convenient, flexible, and comprises of quality materials.If you like the distressed look, get out there and own it. But, if you want to touch it up or refresh the coating, you can purchase wax and apply it in a matter of minutes. Doing so also gives your bag a water repellent finish and makes it so spills and stains can be wiped away.One of the biggest reasons we’ve become fans of WaterField and its products is that they stand behind them. Indeed, the Bootcamp Gym Bag is backed by a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.Learn more about the Bootcamp Gym Bag ($199), and other bags at the WaterField website.