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She lived in a simulated Mars habitat for four months. Here’s what she learned

Apparently, life during a pandemic is eerily similar to living in a geodesic dome

Digital Trends Live: Virtual graduations, Fitbit heart study, NASA and Cruise

On this Digital Trends Live, we discuss all the top tech news, including virtual graduations and much more.

NASA is operating its Mars Curiosity rover from workers’ home offices

The coronavirus pandemic prompted NASA to ask its employees to work from home

Mars Helicopter attached to Perseverance Rover ahead of launch

The tiny helicopter will be the first to fly on another planet

How NASA’s VIPER rover will tackle the problem of moon dust

The abrasive, electrically charged dust particles stick to everything

Mark 50th anniversary of Apollo 13 launch by reliving events in real time

NASA releases audio that hasn't been heard since the 1970s

Watch SpaceX practice an emergency escape from its Crew Dragon capsule

The first manned test flight of the capsule is scheduled for May

NASA recruits gamers to help identify and map the world’s corals

The NeMO-Net game feeds data to NASA's Pleiades supercomputer

Why is Saturn’s atmosphere so warm? Cassini data could explain

Auroras caused by solar winds seem to heat the atmosphere

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft to perform an asteroid sampling rehearsal

The craft will come within just 243 feet of asteroid Bennu

Even on Mars, the Curiosity rover needs to wash its hands

Cleanliness isn't only important on Earth. It matters on the Red Planet too

NASA wants your help designing a mini payload for moon exploration

Design a mini rover for the Honey, I Shrunk the NASA Payload challenge

Boeing to attempt second Starliner test flight after bungled debut mission

But the test flight probably won't take place until the fall at the earliest

NASA lays out its plans for building a long-term moon base

The base could be used to research technologies for a mission to Mars

NASA wants to launch a set of six mini spacecraft to observe the sun

They'll observe how solar storms form using radio imaging

NASA’s Perseverance rover’s new wheels can grip and better withstand rocks

It sports gently curved treads as opposed to Curiosity's chevron treads

NASA’s WFIRST telescope has a new approach to the hunt for exoplanets

It will use microlensing to spot small, distant planets

Watch the James Webb Space Telescope deploy its massive origami mirror

The mirror is 6.5 meters across and folds up to fit into a rocket

NASA reveals how many Americans applied to become an astronaut

The successful candidates could bag a trip to the moon, and even beyond

NASA’s Mars helicopter spins blades for last time before launch

The autonomous helicopter will become the first aircraft to fly on another planet

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