Sunday, May 26, 2024


Does your Mac need antivirus software in 2024? We asked the experts

Apple’s Macs are seen as more secure than Windows PCs, but they can still get viruses. Should you protect yours with an antivirus app? We asked the experts.

This ‘unpatchable’ Mac flaw is keeping me up at night

A newly discovered vulnerability could leave Apple Silicon Macs wide open to malicious hacker attacks -- and it looks like the flaw can’t even be patched.

Bing Chat just beat a CAPTCHA used to stop hackers and spammers

CAPTCHA challenges are designed to thwart hackers and spam bots, but someone has just shown that ChatGPT can beat them. That’s worrying news for cybersecurity.

Bing Chat’s ads are sending users to dangerous malware sites

The Bing Chat AI chatbot often serves up adverts to its users, but it turns out these ads can be hijacked by malicious websites containing dangerous malware.

Update your Apple devices now to fix these dangerous exploits

Three actively exploited vulnerabilities have just been discovered in a huge number of Apple devices. Update yours now to ensure it stays safe from hackers.

This massive exploit lets hackers breach apps like Chrome, 1Password, and Telegram

Researchers have found a critical security bug that affects a huge range of websites and apps. If left unpatched, it could give hackers free access to your PC.

Lapsus$ hackers convicted of breaching GTA 6, Nvidia and more

Two hackers who belonged to the Lapsus$ gang have been convicted of breaching numerous high-profile targets, including Nvidia, Rockstar Games, and Uber.

This Google Chrome feature may save you from malware extensions

A new Google Chrome feature will alert you when installed extensions are removed from its store, saving you from infected extensions and virus headaches.

In the age of ChatGPT, Macs are under malware assault

ChatGPT is changing the world, but is it giving hackers new tools to make malicious Mac malware? We interviewed a new Mac security outfit to find out.

Hackers are using AI to create vicious malware, says FBI

AI tools like ChatGPT are being used to create malware and fuel terrorist activity, says the FBI, in a potentially worrying sign for future cybersecurity.

Ransomware attacks have spiked massively. Here’s how to stay safe

Criminal gangs are raking in huge profits from ransomware attacks compared to 2022, but other methods have seen precipitous drops in revenue. What’s going on?

Hacker sent to jail for huge 2020 Twitter breach

A British man who took part in a high-profile Twitter hack in 2020 has been handed a five-year jail term for his part in the crime.

DOJ’s new NatSec Cyber unit to boost fight against state-backed hackers

The U.S. Justice Department on Tuesday launched the new National Security Cyber Section to help boost its fight against state-backed hackers.

Microsoft confirms recent service outages were DDoS attacks

Microsoft has shared some information about an outage that affected a number of its cloud-based services earlier this month.

This critical exploit could let hackers bypass your Mac’s defenses

Security researchers at Microsoft have found an exploit that could let hackers bypass one of your Mac’s most important defenses -- it’s time to update now.

Is ChatGPT creating a cybersecurity nightmare? We asked the experts

ChatGPT can help novice coders create vicious malware, but does this herald a cyber apocalypse or is the problem overblown? We asked the experts to find out.