Saturday, May 25, 2024

Augmented Reality

Apple’s Vision Pro may help your eyesight in this genius way

The Vision Pro could help glasses wearers find the perfect prescription by infusing its lenses with liquid, not glass. It’s a genius idea -- but will it work?

The next Vision Pro could let you see invisible energy

A new patent shows Apple is working on letting the Vision Pro headset visualize invisible energy like Wi-Fi signals and radio waves. Here’s how it could work.

Apple’s Vision Pro could get this incredible gaming upgrade

Apple’s Vision Pro headset might soon get advanced haptic controls, turning your hands into controllers and leveling up your virtual reality gaming experience.

Apple’s next Vision Pro may send you on a mood-altering trip

A freshly granted patent shows Apple is working on letting its Vision Pro headset alter your mood at the touch of a button. Could we see it in the near future?

Apple’s secret AR glasses may have this genius feature for spectacle users

Everyone’s talking about Apple’s Vision Pro headset, but the company’s future AR glasses could solve a key problem for spectacle users with this genius feature.

There’s a bunch of bad news about Apple’s Vision Pro headset

Getting the Vision Pro headset ready to launch is giving Apple a host of problems, from customer discomfort to slow international rollouts, a new report claims.

This $40,000 Vision Pro mod adds 18K gold to Apple’s headset

Apple’s Vision Pro is super expensive, but one company has just revealed an 18-karat version costing a cool $40,000. It takes the price to absurd new heights.

Vision Pro 2: everything we expect about the future of Apple’s headsets

Apple will follow up the Vision Pro headset with a new high-end version and a cheaper model. But what will they be like? Here’s everything you need to know.

Apple may be forced to change the Vision Pro’s name

Apple may regret picking the Vision Pro name for its new headset, as a rival firm has already trademarked it. And it’s not the only headache Apple is facing.

All the reasons I’m excited (and worried) for Apple’s Reality Pro headset

Apple’s Reality Pro headset is nearly here, and I’m excited to see what Apple has in store. But I’m also concerned that it could be a huge flop. Here’s why.

This wild, screenless AR laptop gives you a 100-inch virtual display

Looking for a laptop with a bigger screen? Spacetop packs a 100-inch virtual display into a 13-inch laptop body with its wired AR glasses.

Apple’s Reality Pro headset may launch sooner than anyone expected

A new report has suggested Apple’s Reality Pro mixed-reality headset could go on sale this summer. It’s a much sooner date than anyone previously expected.

Apple’s VR headset has no killer app, prominent leaker warns

Apple is taking a scattershot approach to its mixed-reality headset, with no killer app to convince customers to buy the $3,000 device, says a prominent leaker.

New leak reveals exactly how Apple’s VR headset will work

Apple’s Reality Pro headset will launch in a few weeks, but most of its software capabilities have been kept secret -- until now, as a new report reveals all.

The MacRumors Show: Product Designer Marcus Kane Envisions What Apple’s AR/VR Headset Could Look Like

On this week's episode of The MacRumors Show, we discuss the design of Apple's upcoming mixed-reality headset with professional product

Apple’s Reality Pro headset is the VR industry’s “last hope”

The VR headset industry is in trouble and Apple’s Reality Pro is the only hope of saving it, according to one analyst, painting a bleak picture for the future.