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Introducing the XIDU PhilBook Pro

The XIDU PhilBook Pro is a new addition to the family of tablet-convertible notebooks. But it’s a product that stays true to its parent company’s style: the combination of simple aesthetic taste, operational efficiency, and affordability.This grey-shelled machine runs on an Intel Apollo Lake J3355 Quad-core processor, which enables an upgraded display performance, higher resolutions, and fast video acceleration. It also has a 6 GB RAM, a 128 GB Solid State Drive, and space for a mini SD card with a memory size of up to 64 GB. That’s a fair assemblage of storage capacities and makes for a decent computing experience.The display is an 11.6 inch LCD screen with 25601440 IPS, produced by Sharp Technology. Its impressive image and video quality are supported by an Intel HD Graphics 500 GPU coprocessor. The computing experience on this device is ideally powered by a Windows 10 Operating System, as it makes the most of this device’s capabilities.Users can also switch between notebook and tablet mode by folding the keyboard a full 360 degrees to the back of the display panel. It can also be stood on both the keyboard and panel edges in tent-like style, with the screen turned outward and in front.The thin One Glass Solution (OGS) panel has a display that’s brighter than regular screens, and a multi-point touch technology that lets users enjoy their laptop as a touchscreen device.All of this activity is kept alive by a 4,000mAh Lithium-ion polymer battery. The notebook can also stay switched on for between 4 and 5 hours if it’s placed on standby mode. When it’s low on power it can be charged through a 12V/3A power adapter connected to a power source.Some of its other notable functional aspects include its 2-megapixel camera and a 3.5 MM stereo phone jack for users who would rather keep the audio on their notebooks to themselves. But if they are in the mood to let the speech or melodies from their computer play out loud, the built-in stereo-speakers can take care of this.Bluetooth and WiFi connections are available, so also is USB and HDMI cable ports. Whether you’re transferring files or sharing your internet connection between the notebook and other smart devices, The XIDU PhilBook Pro has got you covered.This product is quite light. With its rubber feet, it measures 277.9mm x 199.3mm x 16.25mm and weighs a mere 2.42 pounds.The XIDU PhilBook Pro is a portable and versatile machine. It’s designed to achieve high-quality output for a variety of tasks and leisurely activity and guarantees its users a 360-degree experience. If you are in the market for an affordable, sleek and high-performance notebook, then look no further.The XIDU Phil Book Pro is available for a fraction of its price at AliExpress. There’s currently a discount of up to 25% on any XIDU PhilBook Pro notebook. Also, an additional 27% will be shaved off for a single purchase of ten notebooks or more. This discounted promo begins on the 26th of August and ends on the 30th of August. In addition, you can also find PhilBook Pro in our Amazon store. And now you can get a $40 discount on amazon.Amazon USCoupon code: ZGP9H5B4Discount: $20 offAliexpressDiscount: $15 offEDITOR NOTE: This is a promoted post and should not be viewed as an editorial endorsement. AndroidGuys has not reviewed the product and cannot attest to its quality.

CREDO Mobile Buyer’s Guide

Most consumers are familiar with the big-name wireless carriers like Verizon and AT&T, but not nearly as many are as well-versed when it comes Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) like Consumer Cellular or FreedomPop.These MNVO brand operators license the towers and coverage from the tier-one providers and offer their own phones, rate plans, and customer service.Let’s take a closer look at CREDO MobileTextNow Buyer’s GuideMint Mobile Buyer’s GuideVirgin Mobile Buyer’s GuideTing Buyer’s GuideAboutCREDO Mobile is a mobile network operator that utilizes Verizon’s 4G LTE network for coverage and is known for donating some of its revenue to nonprofits chosen by customers. It also likes to mobilize its user base to help progressive causes.What are CREDO Mobile rate plans like?CREDO Mobile subscribers pay for their data package, plus a $20 access fee for each phone connected to a plan. Up to five lines are able to share a pool of data.Single Line$50/month for unlimited talk, text, and 1GB high speed data$60/month for unlimited talk, text, and 3GB high speed data$80/month for unlimited talk, text, and 6GB high speed data$100/month for unlimited talk, text, and 10GB high speed dataAdd $20 per line to the aforementioned plans if you want to set up a family plan or shared account.CREDO also offers an $85 option that includes unlimited data and up to 10GB mobile hotspot. Note that data speeds are throttled after 20GB of high speed data is used.How’s the CREDO Mobile phone selection?CREDO Mobile has a small selection of phones to choose from, many of which are from the last 1-2 years. Weirdly, it’s mainly a mix of high-end devices like the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S9+. Then there’s just a few pre-owned models, too.READ: Where can I buy an unlocked phone?Can I bring my own device?Sadly, no. The carrier is not set up to allow for this option. But, if you have a phone that was previously purchased through CREDO, they’ll gladly reactivate it.What else should I know about CREDO Mobile?CREDO Mobile currently offers up to $650 cash back if you bring your number from another wireless provider and trade in your handset. Also, it has free two-day shipping on all devices, all the time.SEE: Cheap cell phone plans that use the Verizon networkFor every friend you refer to CREDO Mobile, the carrier will give you up to $100. Just make sure they enter your phone number under “Refer a Friend”.CREDO donates to three nonprofits on a monthly basis, having donated over $87 million over the years to groups such as Planned Parenthood, 350.org, and National LGBTQ Task Force.

Realme 5 review: Great design and versatile cameras

Good looks and versatile cameras make the Realme 5 a great entry-level option.

Fossil Gen 5 review

Wear OS, formerly known as Android Wear, is an interesting platform to say the least. In theory it’s the best and smartest stuff you could put on your wrist. In practice, it’s a gamble.While the software has advanced over the generations, the hardware seemingly hit a plateau a year or two back. And, whereas the first few years of smart watches was largely maintained by phone makers, today’s models often come from traditional watch makers.SEE: Fossil Gen 5 watches launch with 1GB RAM, smart battery modesFossil is one brand that’s been in the watch game for decades and who has spent more than a couple of years dabbling in Wear OS. Its latest effort, the Gen 5, pushes the hardware forward a bit, offering up better performance and battery life.What is the Fossil Gen 5?The Gen 5 runs just under $300 and comes in two key flavors: Carlyle HR and Julianna HR. The main difference here is that the former is sold in unassuming black and silver cases while the latter is offered in a rose gold face and has a more ornate aesthetic.All versions of the Fossil Gen 5 come with the same 44mm body with replaceable 22mm bands. Not only does Fossil provide a ton of options in bands, but it’s easy to find them through Amazon and other outlets. The straps included with the watch have a quick-release mechanism so replacing them takes but a moment.Whereas most of today’s Wear OS watches have 4GB on-board storage and 512MB memory, the Gen packs 8GB storage and 1GB RAM. Moreover, it is also one of the few wearables to include the Snapdragon 3100 processor.Also tucked inside the watch is a speaker so wearers can take calls and hear alarms and Google Assistant responses. Moreover, an update scheduled for this fall will make it the first Wear OS device to allow for answering calls when paired to an iPhone.In theory all of this means better performance, more room for music, and more efficient battery life. What about practice?Performance and ExperienceThere’s nothing that Wear OS can do that isn’t represented in the Fossil Gen 5. This means animations, Google Assistant, speaker, and Tiles functionality. This alone puts this watch ahead of much of its competition.Setup is incredibly easy and gets you through the initial process much quicker than in the past. From pairing to the phone and setting preferences to choosing a watch face, it’s seamless.Speaking of watch faces, Fossil has thrown in dozens of designs, many of which have alternate colors and configurations. There’s plenty to get you started whether it be digital analog, minimal, or busy. The same goes for complications, or the widgets that display on the watch face.SEE: Fossil Q Control reviewShould you not find something you like in the Fossil app, you can always head to the Google Play Store where there are free and paid watch faces.While gestures and tiles are convenient for interaction, we did find the hardware buttons to feel more natural. Once we got the feel for how each worked, we regularly used them as opposed to swiping through menus.Although the bands are very easy to swap out and clean, we did find that the silicone material picks up and collects dirt, skin, and the other junk that comes with sweating in the summer sun. We suggest giving them a good wash in the sink every few days just to keep from getting a little gross and/or stinky.Battery and chargingOne of the main draws to the Fossil Gen 5 is the number of battery modes available. Wearers can choose from four options, each with varying degrees of functionality.On the one end you can have a full-fledged Wear OS experience with all of the bells and whistles. On the other is a traditional watch experience that’s barely anything but a digital time piece.Between the Daily and Time Only options are customization features like radios, always-on display, speaker, touch-to-wake, NFC, and more. Suffice it to say, the smarter you want your watch to be, the shorter the battery life.We’re accustomed to taking our watch off at night to charge it so we’re content to keep everything active. With that said, many longer days (7AM-11PM) found us with around 25% or so at bedtime.We did toggle a few things off in the custom mode just to see how much it would impact battery and we noticed it extended us anywhere from 10-15% more at the end of a day.Charging is relatively easy as the cable/pad sticks to the back of the watch via magnetic pull. There’s no real wrong way to orient the Gen 5 because the pins can touch anywhere along the halo rings. This is much more convenient than it sounds as nobody wants to fuss with exact placement as they head off to bed.Our review unit was an all black Carlyle HR which had soft silicone straps. And, while it much look a little utilitarian, we’re drawn to the idea of a dressier or fancier strap we can swap out for more formal occasions.Should you buy the Fossil Gen 5?The Fossil Gen 5, for whatever it’s worth, is the best Wear OS experience we’ve seen at this price point. It blends leading edge watch hardware, excellent battery management, and software that finally feels cohesive. 1 of 9 If Wear OS is the platform you’re attracted to, there’s no question that the Gen 5 is the way to go in mid-2019. It might come at a higher price than others but the extra hardware does make a difference in performance.Sure, Wear OS is robust, flexible, and really smart, but it’s sometimes too much for the average person. Sometimes you’re paying for things you don’t actually use.A lot of consumers are content with activity trackers and watch experiences like what Samsung offer in its Watch Active line. They’re far smarter than what you would have gotten just 1-2 years ago and they come in about $100 cheaper, too.SEE: Google Assistant learns a few new tricksWe’re big fans of Google Assistant, Google Maps, and the ways Google ties its wearables to its other devices. Notification management is excellent and highly customizable and we appreciate the watch faces and apps.Fossil does a great job of creating an experience that doesn’t feel like a watch with software tacked on for no reason. Credit goes to both Google and Fossil here.Although Wear OS seems to have stalled for the most part, we don’t mind where it is as we wind down 2019. It keeps moving forward ever so slowly, and we’re glad to see watch makers stepping up the hardware.AvailabilityYou can learn more about the Fossil Gen 5 at Fossil’s website where it’s available in a number of configurations. Both the Carlyle HR and Julianna HR cost $295 as of today. It’s also at Amazon with the same pricing for both models.

TREBLAB X5: Sports-optimized earbuds with Google Assistant

We’re about to hit the dog days of summer which and a lot of people have begun heading back to school. That means commutes to and from university, hours of studying, and squeezing in “me time” is the norm.There’s no better companion to these situation than a pair of smart, water resistant earbuds that go everywhere. If that’s something you’re interested in picking up for yourself, you’ll want to check out the TREBLAB X5 earbuds in the AndroidGuys Deals Store.If white, corded headphones were all the rage a years back, today it’s all about wireless earbuds. You aren’t hip unless you’ve got two tiny earphones to toss in your ear. To that end, the TREBLAB X5 are an affordable and practical pair to consider.Whether you’re just looking for something to throw in for the commute, walk across campus, or downtime, these work well. Moreover, they’ve got IPX4 water resistance so they’ll even take a splash or two. Headed to the gym to get some cardio in? Take these with you.With six hours of listening per charge, the X5 are handy to have around even when you’re not listening to music. Indeed, the built-in microphone lets you take call hands-free and even lets you tap into Google Assistant or Siri. Taking things further, the travel case charges them up four more times.TREBLAB X5 FeaturesNewly optimized shape for a better fit, perfected Bluetooth connection, & improved hands-free microphoneTrue wireless design is ideal for active wearCrisp beryllium drivers deliver fully-balanced, responsive, & accurate soundBuilt-in microphone is compatible w/ Siri & Google Assistant so you can take calls hands-freeBattery life is an impressive 6 hours, plus an additional 4 charges w/ the included charging caseThe TREBLAB X5 earphones come with three sets of silicone eartips, three sets of foam eartips, and three sets of earfins. All of these add up to the perfect fit that doesn’t come loose or fall out.Labor Day Sale!Normally priced about $79, you can pick the TREBLAB X5 up for just $64.99. And, if you act fast, you can get an extra 15% off as part of a Labor Day Sale! This puts these earbuds at a shade over $55 right now!We’ll take 15% off speakers and headphones purchases made using the coupon code SAVE15SOUND through August 30, 2019.Save even more!In addition to the savings above, when you buy through AndroidGuys Deals, for every $25 spent, you get $1 credit added to your account. What’s more, should you refer the deal via social media or an email that results in a purchase, you’ll earn $10 credit in your account.If this is your first time buying, then you are also eligible for a further 10% discount when you subscribe for email updates.How about a freebie?Not looking to spend any money today? That’s alright, we understand. Why not visit the AndroidGuys section for freebies and take something anyhow? Go ahead, grab two!

Snag a FeiyuTech phone gimbal for $68 with this coupon code

Shooting pictures and video from a phone has gotten so much better over the years. While image quality has improved with each generation, features like optical image and video go a long way to creating compelling media.If you’ve never considered a gimbal for your phone, you’d be wise to look into one. Not only does it take the strain off your hand, but it really helps to steady your shots. It’s also a wonderful way to stay focused on the subject and/or follow along in interesting ways.FeiyuTech VLOG Pocket GimbalOnline retailer Tomtop, who never has a shortage of sales or promotions, has a discount on the FeiyuTech VLOG Pocket 3-Axis Handheld Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer. Indeed, for a limited time you can use coupon code: WDFTVLOG to drop the price to just $68.A perfect companion for would-be vloggers and social media starlets, the FeiyuTech works in portrait and landscape mode. With a wide range of tilting, panning, and rolling angles, it keeps you front or your subject front and center.Install the accompanying app and you’ll be able to switch from photo to video, capture timelapse, overlapping images, and more.It’s durable, but lightweight which means it goes where you go; the gimbal folds up to fit in pockets, purses, and bags. Charge it up and you’ll have 14 hours of runtime, or more than enough for your live blogging or a night out.Purchase the FeiyuTech VLOG Pocket Gimbal from Tomtop for just $68 using the coupon code WDFTVLOG while it lasts.Insta360 Go 1080P Video Panoramic Sports Action CameraAnother way to shoot fun and interesting video is to not even think about it and instead let it capture things hands-free. Such is the case with action cameras.Small and lightweight, these cameras can go anywhere and clip or mount in a bunch of cool ways. The Insta360 Go is a sports and camera that’s not much bigger than you thumb, but it captures 1080p HD video.Water resistant to withstand rain, splashes, and an occasional small dunk, the GO has four  basic functions (QuickCapture/Single Tap/ Double Tap/ Triple Tap), each of which can be customized to your preference.The design is a magnetic snap-on pendant, easy clip and pivot stand, which allows you mount it anywhere. Shoot hyperlapse, slow motion, short clips, and up to eight hour videos.Insta360 GO IncludesInsta360 Go CameraCharge CaseEasy ClipAngle WedgeSticky BaseMicro-USB to USB Type-C CableUSB Charge CablePivot StandPivot Stand BasePendantFor a limited time you can buy the Insta360 Go at Tomptop for just $199.99 if you use the coupon code: WDINSTA360. That’s a huge discount ($50+) off of an already great price!Don’t like either of these products? Be sure to take a look around Tomptop as there are plenty of gadgets, tech, and fun things that are often on sale. Much of what’s available also has free shipping, too.EDITOR NOTE: This is a promoted post and should not be viewed as an editorial endorsement. AndroidGuys has not reviewed the products and cannot attest to their quality.

Oppo Reno 2 hands-on: Oozing style

The Oppo Reno 2 has a razor sharp focus on design, but how does the rest of the package fare?

Zhiyun Smooth-Q2 review: Ultra-portable smartphone gimbal

Our Zhiyun Smooth-Q2 review answers the question of whether you need a mobile gimbal to shoot good video on your

Best unlocked mid-range phones between $250-$400

When it comes to buying phones, it’s tempting to lump your device cost into your monthly cell phone bill. Why not? The carrier offered you a few hundred dollars to switch and is discounting the phone a hundred bucks.Consider the alternative: buying your phone outright has benefits, especially if it’s unlocked. Going this route lets you decide your carrier and is void of bloatware and unwanted apps, plus more.If you’re on the hunt for a new phone, you’ll find that the best unlocked mid-range handsets priced $250 to $400 offer tremendous value. It’s here where devices provide excellent performance that’s sure to last most consumers multiple years.We’ve gathered a umber of attractive phones that fit in the budget of $250 to $400. Here, we showcase a variety of phone makers and models with some of the standout features.Where to buy the Google Pixel 3a and 3a XLBest unlocked phones between $150-$250Want to buy a used phone? Read this first!Google Pixel 3a – $400Not only is this one of the best unlocked mid-range values on this list, it’s probably one of the better choices for consumers shopping at any price. It’s hard to say what we love more, the amazing camera experience or the stock Android 9 Pie. Given this is Google’s own product, it’s already lined up for the next release and beyond, too. The Snapdragon 670 processor, 4GB RAM, and 3,000mAh battery are more than sufficient for most consumers. (READ OUR REVIEW)Works with: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and respective MVNO brandsGoogle | Amazon | Walmart | Best Buy | B&H | Various carriersRazer Phone 2 – $400If mobile gaming is something you care about, there are few phones which can rival this one, even more costly devices. The 5.7-inch display is not only sharp at 1,440 x 2,560 pixels, but the 120Hz refresh rate and insane brightness means unrivaled detail. A high-fidelity USB Type-C DAC so 3.5mm headphone users can enjoy up to 24-bit audio. Throw in IP67 waterproof rating and wireless charging and you see the appeal.Works with: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and respective MVNO brandsRazer | Amazon | Best Buy | AT&TMotorola Moto Z3 Play – $350Running a near stock Android, the phone’s capabilities grow exponentially and where it matters. Get a longer battery, better camera, or louder speaker, and more. Hell, you can even add 5G to your phone if that’s what you want. Standout features include a 6-inch display, dual-cameras, fast charging, and a water-repellent coating. Extra points awarded for being compatible with all major carriers. (READ OUR REVIEW)Works with: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and respective MVNO brandsMotorola | Amazon | Best BuyXiaomi Pocophone F1 – $300Just because you don’t know the name of this phone doesn’t mean it’s not a good selection. A nice mix of high-end hardware with mid-range design, you’ll find a Snapdragon 845 processor with 6GB RAM and a dual-camera configuration around back. Also includes a 4,000mAh battery, microSD expansion card slot, and a 6.18-inch display.Works with: AT&T, T-Mobile, and respective MVNO brandsAmazon | NeweggSamsung Galaxy A50 – $280 The great thing about this series of phones is that it lets consumers get all of the things that are important without the premium cost of the Galaxy S line. Featuring a large 6.4-inch screen, the handset boasts three rear cameras for wide shots, low-light, and portraits. Other notable tech includes an in-display fingerprint scanner, 4,000mAh battery, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Don’t want unlocked? You can get it for specific carriers, too.Works with: AT&T, T-Mobile, and respective MVNO brandsSamsung | Amazon | Best Buy | B&H | NeweggNokia 7.1 – $300Stylish and more than powerful enough for most, we really love that Nokia puts its devices in the Android One program. That means years of software and security updates and the UI as Google intended. Key features include a dual-camera setup, USB Type-C, 3.5mm headphone jack, and microSD card slot for up to 400GB. Both colors, Midnight Blue, Gloss Steel, look stunning.Works with: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and respective MVNO brandsAmazon | Best Buy | Walmart

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 series debuts, led by killer cameras

Xiaomi on Thursday announced its newest series of phone, the Redmi Note 8, which is highlighted by its camera. Slated to hit China and India, it’s another high-powered experience with a budget-friendly price tag.Offered as two models, the Redmi Note 8 and Redmi Note 8 Pro do not share many specifications and details. Among other things, they have different processors, cameras, colors.Redmi Note 8 ProThe Redmi Note 8 Pro is boasts a 6.55-inch display, 6 or 8GB RAM and 64 or 128GB storage. A MediaTek Helio G90T processor runs the show here. Where the real attention goes, though, is the 64-megapixel camera sensor.Technically, it won’t use the full resolution all times; in low-light situations, four individual pixels will comprise a bigger one, putting the resolution in at 16MP. This lens is complimented by an 8-megapixel ultra-wide sensor and a 2-megapixel macro camera.Best unlocked phones between $150-$250Best unlocked phones between $250-$400Other specifications included in the IP52 splash-proof Redmi Note 8 Pro are a 6.53-inch FHD+ display protected by Gorilla Glass 5 and a 4,500mAh battery with 18W Type-C fast charging.Available in gray, white, and green, the 6GB RAM/64GB version will be priced RMB 1,400 (about $200 USD). The 6GB/128GB model will cost RMB 1,600 (about $225 USD) while the 8GB/128GB variant runs RMB 1,800 (about $250 USD).Redmi Note 8Slightly smaller at 6.36-inches, you’ll find 4 and 6GB RAM with storage of 64GB and 128GB. Rather than a MediaTek processor, this one includes a Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 CPU.The quad-camera setup is different, but still drool-worthy with a 48-megapixel sensor. Around front is a 13-megapixel front-facing selfie shooter.Rounding things out are a 4,000mAh battery with 18W Type-C fast charging, 3.5mm headphone jack, and IR blaster.Pre-orders commence September 10 with availability on September 17. Sold in blue, white, and black, the 4GB RAM/64GB storage version starts at RMB 1,000 (about $140 USD). The 6GB/64GB and 6GB/128GB models sell for RMB 1,200 ( about $170 USD) and RMB 1,400 (about $200 USD), respectively.

Labor Day special puts these wireless earbuds at just $17

White, corded headphones were all the rage a few years ago, but today’s all about wireless freedom. You aren’t hip today unless you’ve got two tiny earphones to toss in your ear. Or maybe it’s just one. Who knows with these kids?If wireless Bluetooth earbuds are something you’re considering, you might be interested in the current promotion in the AndroidGuys Deals Store. Swing by today and you’ll find the Avanca i11 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds for just $19.99.Labor Day SpecialFor a limited time (August 29-30), we’ll slash another 15% off the cost of these earbuds, bringing the price to just $17. Indeed, use the promo code SAVE15SOUND at checkout on any speakers and headphones and we’ll take 15% your purchase.Whether you’re just looking for something to throw in for the commute, walk across campus, or hang out on the back porch, these work well.AG DEALSCloud backup options on the cheapAll of these headphones are at least 60% offPortable chargers and power solutions with big discountsPaired over Bluetooth 5.0, you’ll get up to three hours per charge with up to seven hours of standby. Toss them in the charging case and you’ll be back at 100% in just 70 minutesAvanca i11 FeaturesStream your music playlists by connecting your iOS or Android device via BluetoothEasily answer calls without taking your headphones off w/ its built-in microphoneEnjoy your favorite music for up to 3 hoursFastly recharge your earphones in just 70 minutesNormally priced $59.95, they’re yours with a 66-percent discount and cost just $19.99. And, if you act fast, the promo code SAVE15SOUND, they’ll be a mere $17.Save even more!In addition to the savings above, when you buy through AndroidGuys Deals, for every $25 spent, you get $1 credit added to your account. What’s more, should you refer the deal via social media or an email that results in a purchase, you’ll earn $10 credit in your account.If this is your first time buying, then you are also eligible for a further 10% discount when you subscribe for email updates.How about a freebie?Not looking to spend any money today? That’s alright, we understand. Why not visit the AndroidGuys section for freebies and take something anyhow? Go ahead, grab two!

TextNow Buyer’s Guide

Everyone knows the top-tier wireless service providers in Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. What about lesser known, or newer, brands like Tello, Mint Mobile, or Net10?Some of these companies might be a better fit for US consumers as they provide a more specialized package that fits their needs or budget. Let’s take a look at a relatively unknown carrier, TextNow.This guide will serve to help you understand what the MVNO offers and how it competes in the mobile arena.AboutTextNow is a somewhat newer player in the mobile space, having gotten its start back in 2009 as a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for making Wi-Fi calls. Today it operates as Mobile Virtual Network Operator that piggybacks on other cellular networks for coverage. It employs Sprint’s network for CDMA but it operates with its own plans and features.TextNow uses Wi-Fi for its preferred coverage, falling back on GSM or LTE for calls, text, and data. By going this route, it is able to offer much more competitive rates than traditional carriers. According to TextNow, its average consumer rate plan is just $19 per month.Rate PlansTextNow rate plans are no-contract, meaning you can go month-to-month with no long-term agreement, cancellation, or activation fees. It also offers a 30-day money back guarantee.TextNow does not charge for going over your allotted data. Hit your threshold and you’ll find your speeds slowed for the remainder of the billing cycle.TextNow has three plans which use Wi-Fi only with unlimited calls and text to US and Canada. One of the plans, the Basic, is actually free, and supported by in-app ads. Indeed, it does include features such as conference calls, group texting.The Premium plan is $2.99/month and adds in caller ID, voicemail transcription, call forwarding and other perks. For $9.99/month customers can also enjoy unlimited calls to US and Canada on traditional towers.The main plans, however, range from $20 to $40 per month, and include a set amount of high speed data with unlimited 2G access. Devices that utilize CDMA (Sprint) can also take advantage of mobile hotspot or data sharing.$10/month: Unlimited Talk and Text$20/month: Unlimited Talk and Text with 2GB of high-speed data$30/month: Unlimited Talk and Text with 5GB of high-speed data$40/month: Unlimited Talk and Text with unlimited high-speed data*Those who go over 23GB of high-speed data in one month may see their speeds slowed for the remainder of the billing cycle. This is a small segment of users, to be sure, but still worth noting.Does TextNow offer family plans?TextNow makes it easy to add more lines to a plan, with each one receiving its own data allotment. Going this route saves up to $10 per month for each additional line. Here’s a quick look at how that shakes out today.Any other TextNow features worth noting?TextNow offers affordable international calling to a wide array of countries. Examples include 2.2¢ per minute to China and 1.8¢ per minute to India.Customers can add credits to their account by completing an offer, installing other apps, sharing to social media, or watching ads. Credits vary but an example might be 2¢ credit for viewing a 30-second advertisement.Handset SelectionTaking a look at the current lineup of phones offered through TextNow we find just over one dozen models from brands like LG, Samsung, and Motorola. The handsets definitely skew toward the lower end of performance but that doesn’t mean they are not capable devices. There are also a few standout devices, too.Which carrier has the best value at $50 a month?Which major prepaid carrier has the best $40 rate plan?Sprint 5G: Where is it available and which phones offer support?Some of the more reputable models included the Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S8, Motorola Moto E4, and LG Tribute Dynasty. A few of those listed are refurbished phones, or “gently used”.TextNow does offer financing options on its phones through Affirm with 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month plans.Bring Your Own DeviceFeel free to use any existing Sprint phone just so long as there’s no unpaid balance on another network. You can also, of course, bring an unlocked device, too.

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