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Microsoft Azure growth is outpacing AWS – Learn it for under $8

Microsoft Azure is an increasingly popular, and lucrative endeavor, and could best be described as an Amazon Web Services competitor. It’s a play for cloud-based services and it’s only getting bigger. In fact, in terms of revenue, it performed better in 2018 than Amazon.Knowing how to build, grow, and maintain a system in the Azure environment is fast becoming a key component for web professionals. With more than $8 billion spent in the fourth quarter alone, it stands to reason that Microsoft Azure is a field worth exploring. To that end, we want to make it affordable and easy for you to do so.You can get your slice of the pie by starting out with the training in the Complete Microsoft Azure Certification Prep Bundle 2019 ($29, over 90 percent off). It’s available in the AndroidGuys Deals Store today and it could be that career-changing move you’ve been waiting on.LIMITED TIME DEALUse promo code LEARN75 at checkout and you can drop the price to just $7.25.The four-part collection includes 23 hours of training to teach the essentials for building, nurturing, and protecting a network, site, or application on the Azure platform. This education walks you through the Azure basics, then teaches how to get a system infrastructure in place, how to shield the data from attacks, and troubleshoot network issues.Microsoft Azure CoursesAZ-100 Azure Administrator Infrastructure & Deployment Exam Prep ($90 value)AZ-101 Microsoft Azure Integration & Security Exam Prep ($99 value)AZ-203 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure Exam Prep ($99 value)AZ-300 Azure Architecture Technologies Certification Exam Prep ($99 value)The four courses offer up nearly 300 lessons and will prepare you score highly on vital Microsoft-endorsed certification exams. These tests show off your skills and can prove that you’re equipped earn a spot with a potential six-figure role as an Azure administrator.Each course is worth nearly $100 on their own, so get in on the bundled savings while they are less than $2 per course.Where to BuyYou can pick up a lifetime access to the 4-Course Complete Microsoft Azure Certification Prep Bundle 2019 for only $7.25 in the AndroidGuys Deals Store. Valued at nearly $400, the whole kit can be yours for 90 percent off. Use promo code LEARN75 at checkout to drop the price to just $7.25.Save even more!In addition to the savings above, when you buy through AndroidGuys Deals, for every $25 spent, you get $1 credit added to your account. What’s more, should you refer the deal via social media or an email that results in a purchase, you’ll earn $10 credit in your account.If this is your first time buying, then you are also eligible for a further 10% discount when you subscribe for email updates.How about a freebie?Not looking to spend any money today? That’s alright, we understand. Why not visit the AndroidGuys section for freebies and take something anyhow? Go ahead, grab two!

Tello Buyer’s Guide

Just about anyone you’d ask is familiar with the top-tier wireless service providers in Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. What about lesser known, or newer brands?Let’s take a look at a relatively younger carrier, Tello. This guide will serve to help you understand what the MVNO offers and how it competes in the mobile arena.Where can I buy an unlocked phone?Buying an unlocked phone? Consider these questionsTips for buying a used phoneTell me about TelloTello is a newer player in the mobile field and finds itself in the increasingly crowded segment of low-cost, no-frills alternatives. Its service uses Sprint’s network for coverage but it operates with its own plans and features.What are Tello rate plans like?Tello rate plans are no-contract, meaning you can go month-to-month with no long-term agreement, cancellation, or activation fees. As many carriers in this space do, Tello throttles speeds once hitting the data allowance as opposed to charging overage fees.Customers can mix and match rate plans based on personal needs. A lot of users have access to Wi-Fi connections, or don’t make many calls in a month. To that end, it’s possible to dial things up or down to suit tastes; subscribers can change their plan as often as needed.Tello’s ready-made plansReady-made PlansThere are four ready-made plans that do a great job of meeting the demands of most users. They cost as low as $10 per month and include unlimited text and calling.$10/month: Unlimited Talk and Text with 1GB of high-speed data$14/month: Unlimited Talk and Text with 2GB of high-speed data$19/month: Unlimited Talk and Text with 4GB of high-speed data$39/month: Unlimited Talk and Text with 12GB of high-speed dataAre there any other Tello features?Tello offers a handful of other options to its customers, including mobile hotspot and international calls. You can use any amount of your data plan to tether other devices. Calls to Mexico, Canada, and China are the same as if you called in the United States.What about international calls and texts?In addition to the aforementioned countries, Tello subscribers can make calls to other India, Cuba, and a host of other countries. Each has its own rate and can be used in a mix-and-match fashion. All one need do is purchase a Pay As You Go credit ahead of time.The credit can also be used for SMS or data, depending on which plan you’re signed up with at the time.Does Tello have a referral program?Yes, they’re called Tello Dollars and the referral program rewards you for signing up friends and family members. Share your referral link, and once your friend places their first successful order, you get $10 Tello Dollars. Your friend also gets $10 Tello Dollars.You can refer as many friends as you like and the money can be used for things like rate plans, phones, and PAYG credits.What kind of phones does Tello offer?Taking a look at the current lineup of phones offered through Tello we find familiar names like LG, Samsung, and Motorola. All told, there are more than two dozen phones to choose from but it’s a real tossup as to what’s available.Buying an unlocked phone? Consider these questionsWhich carrier has the best value at $50 a month?Which major prepaid carrier has the best $40 rate plan?As is the case with prepaid providers or MVNO brands, selection is a mixed bag and leans more toward affordability than performance.It’s worth noting that the phones you order from Tello will come in plain generic packaging and may only include the charger and battery. There will be no manual, earbuds, or other accessories.Are there any phone deals with Tello?Indeed, there are plenty of phones with discounts, some ranging as high as $50 off. About half of the current roster is comprised of refurbished phones, which also means lower prices.$19 Free CreditIf you join Tello and get any phone plan above $19, you get $19 free account credit – sign up before October 28, 2019.Can I use my own phone with Tello?Yes, you can use any Sprint-compatible phone just so long as there’s no unpaid balance on another network. You’ll need to ensure it’s unlocked for use outside of Sprint if it was previously used with another carrier.Head to Tello’s website to check whether your specific model is supported.

Motorola’s ‘Spooktacular Sale’ offers up massive discounts on phones

Motorola is running a limited time sale on its website which features phones discounted by up to $290. Moreover, there’s even a couple of ways to get a free handset, too.The “Spooktacular Sale” runs through the end of October or while the supplies last. There are some really good sales to be had over the next few days so act fast if you’re thinking about one of these.Motorola Discount:moto g7 – $50 OFFmoto g7 play – $20 OFFmoto g7 power – $50 OFF or free 32GB moto G6moto e5 play – $30 OFFmoto g6 – Buy One, Get One Freemoto z3 play – up to $290 off, with a free modmoto one zoom – $50 off or free 32GB moto G6The selection is a nice mix of phones, each of which speaks to a different demographic. If you’re in the market for an unlocked device that works with your current carrier, you’d be wise to consider starting with the Motorola discounts listed above.

For less than $40 you can have a lifetime 1TB Polar Backup cloud storage

Here’s a question for you: where do you keep your music, important photos, and documents? Please tell us that you’re not storing it in one place.Smart people backup files to at least one other place. Really smart people keep things in a variety of spots. Google Drive and Google Photos are convenient and really helpful, but it’s not without potential problems or hiccups.What happens when you get close to filling up your allotted storage space? Before you break out that credit card and increase storage through your current setup, or buy an external hard drive, consider the following deal.How about a lifetime account with terabytes of storage for the price of date night dinner? It’s accessible anywhere you are, encrypted and secure, and packed with a host of friendly features. Indeed, the promotion we have on Polar Backup is impossible to resist. Best of all, there are three prices and storage options to choose from.Select from 1TB, 2TB, and 5TB storage plans, and sleep easy with automatic backups of local, external, or network drives.FeaturesSmoothly store & back up important files and dataUse duplication & redundancy to ensure that your data is always available on demandHave full control of your data & easily manage them w/ just a clickStore your data from laptops, PCs & Mac devicesProtect your data w/ 256-Bit AES encryptionWhere to BuyYou pick up the lifetime account of Polar Backup cloud plan for as low as $39.99 through the AndroidGuys Deals Store. We’re not exaggerating about how much of a bargain this is, either. If you head to Polar’s website, you’ll see that you’re getting lifetime accounts for the price of one year — or cheaper!1TB lifetime – $39.992TB lifetime – $59.995TB lifetime – $99.99Best SellersSave even more!For every $25 you spend in the AG Deals Store you get $1 credit added to your account. And, if you refer the deal via social media or an email that results in a purchase, you’ll earn $10 credit in your account.First Time Buying?If this is your first time buying, you are also eligible for 10% discount! Just be sure to subscribe for email updates.Free StuffNot looking to spend any money today? No worries. You can still visit the AndroidGuys section for freebies and pick something anyhow.

When and where to buy the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL

The Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are finally official. No longer rumors and speculation, the two handsets are now up for sale.You won’t have to look hard to find the Pixel 4 phones as they’ll be offered through numerous wireless carriers. And then there’s always the unlocked model you can get directly from Google and others.Here, we help spell out what you can look forward to when it comes to when and where to buy the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL.If you’re looking for special savings and promotions on the two new phones, we’ve got your back. Here’s how to potentially score a free Pixel 4.CarriersWhen it comes to color choices, each of the wireless service providers listed here essentially have the same options: Black, White, and Orange.VerizonPixel 4 (64GB) – $33.33 for 24 monthsPixel 4 (128GB) – $37.49 for 24 monthsPixel 4 XL (64GB) – $37.49 for 24 monthsPixel 4 XL (128GB) – $41.66 for 24 monthsAT&TPixel 4 (64GB) – $28 for 30 monthsPixel 4 (128GB) – $32 for 30 monthsPixel 4 XL (64GB) – $32 for 30 monthsPixel 4 XL (128GB) – $36 for 30 monthsT-MobilePixel 4 (64GB) – $33.34 for 24 monthsPixel 4 (128GB) – NAPixel 4 XL (64GB) – $37.49 for 24 monthsPixel 4 XL (128GB) – NASprintPixel 4 (64GB) – $33.30 for 18 months (lease)Pixel 4 (128GB) –Pixel 4 XL (64GB) – $38.81 for 18 months (lease)Pixel 4 XL (128GB) –US CellularPixel 4 (64GB) – $26.63 for 24 monthsPixel 4 (128GB) – $29.96 for 24 monthsPixel 4 XL (64GB) – $29.96 for 24 monthsPixel 4 XL (128GB) – $33.30 for 24 monthsC SpirePixel 4 (64GB) – $33.29 for 24 monthsPixel 4 (128GB) – $37.45 for 24 monthsPixel 4 XL (64GB) – $37.45 for 24 monthsPixel 4 XL (128GB) – $41.62 for 24 monthsCellcomPixel 4 (64GB) – $26.64 for 30 monthsPixel 4 (128GB) – $29.97 for 30 monthsPixel 4 XL (64GB) – $29.97 for 30 monthsPixel 4 XL (128GB) – $33.30 for 30 monthsSpectrum MobilePixel 4 (64GB) – $33.34 for 24 monthsPixel 4 (128GB) –Pixel 4 XL (64GB) – $37.50 for 24 monthsPixel 4 XL (128GB) –VisiblePixel 4 (64GB) –Pixel 4 (128GB) –Pixel 4 XL (64GB) –Pixel 4 XL (128GB) –Xfinity MobilePixel 4 (64GB) – $33.29 for 24 monthsPixel 4 (128GB) – $37.45 for 24 monthsPixel 4 XL (64GB) – $37.45 for 24 monthsPixel 4 XL (128GB) – $41.62 for 24 monthsRetailersGoogleIt only makes sense that Google would offer its own device through the Google Store. There are three options to choose from for each model: unlocked, unlocked w/ Google Fi, and Verizon. Qualified customers may be able to spread payments out without paying interest.Best BuyThe big box retailer offers the phones in unlocked manner as well as through Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. Qualified buyers can split up payments over two years with slightly different rates for each carrier.B&H Photo VideoCustomers can purchase both phones unlocked with different colors and capacities. At last check there were a few configurations that weren’t available.

Master & Dynamic launches MW07 GO, MW07 PLUS true wireless earphones

Master & Dynamic is back with a new take on its true wireless earphones as it introduces two models, the MW07 GO and MW07 PLUS. Both are paired via Bluetooth 5.0 and offer connections up to 100 feet/30 meters.Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect in the new pair of wireless earphones.MW07GOThe MW07 GO are priced $199 and designed with portability and durability in mind. Master & Dynamic says their built for travel, commutes, and even high-intensity workouts.The MW07 GO are smaller and lighter than their predecessor and feature IPX6 water resistance. Included in the box are five ear tip sizes and a trio of Fit Wing (ear hook) sizes which can be mixed and matched for a perfect fit. 1 of 4 The MW07 GO are available in Flame Red, Jet Black, Electric Blue, and Stone Grey and are designed with a durable composite material. The charging case is wrapped in knit fabric.With up to 10 hours of listening per charge, the case adds another 12 hours of life. Charged via USB Type-C, the earphones can go from 0-50% in just 14 minutes.MW07 PLUSThe MW07 PLUS are more luxurious in their design and come in three core colorways: Steel Blue, White Marble, and Tortoiseshell as well as a special edition Studio 35 x Kevin Durant Black Quartz.Priced $299, these earphones also come with 10 hours of listening on a full charge, however the case allows for up to 30 more hours. This puts the battery life at three times what’s offered in the first generation.Users can play music or make phone calls on either earphone, independently, and the new Ambient Listening mode tunes them to the environment for extra safety and awareness.Like the other new model, the MW07 PLUS comes with five ear tip sizes and three Fit Wing options. Charging is done via USB Type-C, and the eye-catching case is constructed of hand-polished stainless steel.

Treblab xFit wireless earbuds review

Treblab is a company that regularly gets promoted on my social media accounts where it advertises great audio products for reasonable pricing. After seeing the name over the years, I was excited when Treblab offered me a chance to review its latest wireless earbuds, the Treblab xFit.DesignI was immediately taken back by how small and compact the entire Treblab xFit is. Both the case and buds themselves seem tiny compared to other wireless options. The buds are what I would call “bullet-style” in their design. The only other device I can remember that looked like this was the old Moto Hint.xFit’s case is just as small and portable. It pops in your pocket discreetly to be stowed away on the go. The buds then sit in the case via a magnet that holds them in place and also offers conductive charging.Audio and fitMuch like the impressions of the size out of the box, I’ve been impressed with the fit of the xFit earbuds. They are weighted enough to not add bulk, but still small enough to seat well inside the ear. I usually have issues with smaller buds like these working their way out of my ear while exercising, but this has not been the case with the xFit.The sound of the xFit also does not reflect its small stature. While the earbuds won’t win a contest when lined up against a great wired headset, I found the xFit to have good sound for the size. Mids and highs are crisp with just a punch of bass when needed.Battery Life and charger caseTreblab estimates the xFit battery life to 30 hours of total playback. This is a combination of five hours of play with just the earbuds and five recharges via the case. In my use, this is pretty similar to the real-world results. If you’re listening to something extremely busy like heavy metal, or at higher volume, you may see slightly less up-time.One negative is it charges via micro-USB. This is disheartening for 2019 as the world moves towards USB-C as the standard. Is it a deal-breaker? No, but I sure wish it was USB-C.Final thoughtsI was excited to finally get a chance to test a device from Treblab. Thankfully, the xFit wireless earbud didn’t disappoint. From the slim profile to the surprisingly good sound, I came away believing these a good entry-level option for someone who needs wireless audio in a small package.You can purchase the xFit directly from Treblab’s website and Amazon for $49. However, if you act fast, the earbuds are currently only $30 via the Amazon landing page. I hope you like black, as this is the only color option for the xFit.

Live Caption launches with Pixel 4

Google on Wednesday confirmed that its Live Caption feature is launching with the Pixel 4 series of phones.Live Caption is an automatic captioning system that transcribes videos and spoken audio on devices in real time. Done entirely on the phone itself, it works even when there’s no data connection or Wi-Fi available.With a single tap, Live Caption will automatically caption media that’s playing audio on your phone. Live Caption works with videos, podcasts and audio messages, across any app—even stuff you record yourself.Those who use the feature can move the transcription box to wherever they’d like; they can also double tap to expand the box to see more text.At start, the service supports English, but other languages are on the horizon. Additionally, Google hopes to improve the transcription technology over time, making it more accurate.GoogleGoogle Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL make official debutGoogle Pixel 3 versus Pixel 4 – Worth the upgrade?Google Nest Mini gets a refresh for fall 2019Here’s how to get a free Google Pixel 4 or save hundreds on oneThe Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are the first phones to offer the feature, but the Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL are expected to get it later this year. Google says it’s working with other phone makers to make it more widely available.

iPhone 11 shows Apple finally takes affordable flagships seriously

The Apple iPhone 11 is Apple's latest attempt to make an affordable flagship, and it's the best effort to date.

Here’s how to get a free Google Pixel 4 or save hundreds on one

It’s Google Pixel 4 time. And that means Pixel 4 deals time, too.Google’s latest smartphone, the Pixel 4 is up for pre-sale, with general availability slated for October 24. For the 2019 flagship things get interesting as there are plenty of places to purchase the phone. This year marks the first time all major carriers are lined up to offer the device. And then there are also retailers, too.If you’re on the hunt for a new phone, and are considering the Google Pixel 4 or Google Pixel 4 XL, you’re in luck. There are a bunch of different ways to save money on the handset or pick up free things in the process.Best unlocked phones between $250-$400Best unlocked phones between $150-$250Here, we share a number of opportunities to get the best bang for your buck and snag some Pixel 4 deals. Check the various options below to see if you can put some cash back in your pocket or take home a free item with the purchase of the Google Pixel 4 and/or Pixel 4 XL.Check the fine print at some of these locations as you might be able to double up on offers!GooglePre-order Pixel 4 and get $100 to spend on accessories at the Google StoreVerizonBuy one Pixel 4 and get a 64GB Pixel 4 for freeGet a $200 prepaid MasterCard when switching to Verizon on UnlimitedTrade in an eligible phone and get up to $450AT&TTO BE DETERMINEDT-MobileGet up to $300 off a Google Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL with qualified trade-inSprintLease one Pixel 4, get a second Pixel 4 for freeLease one Pixel 4 XL, get a second Pixel 4 XL for freeBest BuyGet a $150 Best Buy Gift Card with purchase and qualified activation of the Google Pixel 4 or 4 XL on Verizon, AT&T or SprintGet a $100 Best Buy Gift Card with purchase of an unlocked Google Pixel 4 or 4 XLBH Photo VideoReceive a $100 B&H Photo Video gift card with purchase of the Pixel 4

Google’s new Pixel Buds won’t be here until 2020

Google today announced a number of new products at its hardware event, including the Pixel 4 phones and a refreshed Google Nest Mini. Also getting a few minutes in the spotlight? Google’s updated Pixel Buds.As a successor to the 2017 Pixel Buds, Google’s second-gen experience is re-engineered and truly wireless. They’ll feature a long-range Bluetooth connection, offer hands-free access to Google Assistant, come with a water and sweat resistant coating.READ: How to get a free Google Pixel 4 or save hundreds on oneThe Pixel Buds offer up to five hours of continuous use per charge. When not in use, you can tuck them into the portable case and recharge with a battery that provides up 24 hours of usage.Each Pixel Bud will feature two microphones and a built-in accelerometer and can detect speech through jaw vibration. Thanks to tiny computers and Google smarts, the new Pixel Buds can automatically recognize when they’re in your ear. Of course, they’ll also offer touch controls for play, volume, and the like.The earphones pair to Android phones running 6.0+ with just one tap or as well as Bluetooth 4.0+ laptops, tablets, and iOS devices.As great as all of this sounds, we’re nowhere near seeing them in retail stores. According to Google, its wireless earbuds won’t be here until 2020.The Google Pixel Buds will be available next year in the US and cost $179. Look for them in four colors: Clearly White, Oh So Orange, Quite Mint, and Almost Black

Google goes back to Chromebook basics with new Pixelbook Go

Google’s going back to a more simpler time for its latest laptop, the Pixelbook Go. Well, at least a more simple design.As part of its October 15 hardware event in New York, Google introduced its Pixelbook Go, a more traditional approach to laptops.  It’s a Chrome OS device that’s clean and straight-forward with a price that ranges from $650-$1,400.GoogleGoogle Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL make official debutGoogle Pixel 3 versus Pixel 4 – Worth the upgrade?Google Nest Mini gets a refresh for fall 2019Here’s how to get a free Google Pixel 4 or save hundreds on oneIt might say “Pixel” in the name but it’s more Chromebook than Pixelbook. As such, it’s a standard laptop with a touch screen. There’s no 2-in-1 functionality or special 360-degree hinge.The Pixelbook Go comes in two colors (Just Black, Not Pink) and features a 13.3-inch touch display. Weighing right around two pounds, and just 13mm thick, it’s true to its namesake. In other words, it’s designed to “go”.One of the standout features of the Pixelbook Go is its battery life. With up to 12 hours of battery per charge, just 20 minutes of being plugged in is enough to add two more hours.Another key highlight is the “Hush Keys” keyboard which is built to stay quiet. This is perfect for libraries, coffee shops, and pounding out emails while your spouse binges on a favorite show next to you.The Pixekbook Go has a rounded, curved shape to it, making it look and feel smaller than its actual dimensions. In terms of plugs, plugs, and slots, there are but two USB Type-C ports. With one on each side, they’re both equipped for fast charging. While there is a 3.5mm headphone jack, there are no microSD or expansion card slots.There are four configurations of the Pixelbook Go and two of them are available for pre-order today (in the US and Canada).$649: 8GB RAM with 64GB SSD, 1080p display, 8th Gen Intel Core m3 processor$849: 8GB RAM with 128GB SSD, 1080p display, 8th Gen Intel Core i5 processor$999: 16GB RAM with 128GB SSD, 1080p display, 8th Gen Intel Core i5 processor$1,399: 16GB RAM with 256GB SSD, 4K display, 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor

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