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[RUMOUR] Samsung GEAR and Galaxy Note 3 To Be Announced On September 4

Blog of Mobile apparently has it on good authority that Samsung will be announcing two devices on the 4th of September, which also happens to mark the beginning of IFA 2013. Which two devices, you ask? It’s likely to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Samsung GEAR, both which we’ve heard would be [...]

The Moto X Announced Today Won’t Be Available Away From The Americas, But A Cheaper One Might Be

Today was a big day: the most anticipated (and leaked) smartphone for the last year, the Moto X, was finally officially announced. If you want to check out our coverage of the announcement this morning, you can check it out here, but there has been a lot of mixed feelings about the phone so far; [...]

Android 4.3 Will Be Coming to the Sero 7 Pro This Fall

A rant that I have seen myself going on lately is that lack of compliance with GPL (This all has a point to it, I promise). This was most apparent when I purchased the Sero 7 Pro. Like many before it, the kernel source for the device was essentially nonexistent. I emailed them and posted [...]

Moto X Set To Arrive On Sprint Later This Summer

With the launch official launch of the Moto X by Motorola in New York today many were wondering when they will be able to get their hands on this device. Well I can tell you when you’ll be able to get it on Sprint. The Now network will be offering the Moto X later this [...]

Moto X Phone Finally Official. Pricing and Features Announced and Google Play Edition Coming Soon

The day is finally here, and everyone who has played with a Moto X Phone has uploaded their videos, and published their articles. While the phone has some impressive features, it does fall short in a lot of people’s eyes. Motorola mentions that it is not all about specs, but how you use your phone. [...]

New Chromecast App Allows for Easy Transfer of Video and Photos from Device to TV

Chromecast has surely been all the buzz as of late, and it looks like there will be a new app to easily transfer photos and videos from your device to your TV. Popular developer Koush created this lovely app, and he went on his G+ to show it off in a new video. The app [...]

Moto X Apps Surface Before Phone Event

We are just hours away from the Moto X event in New York (that is not going to be streamed apparently) and it looks like Motorola is getting antsy. If you make your way into the Chrome Extension Store, you will find Motorola Connect.This extension gives you the ability to connect your Moto X Phone to [...]

Motorola Migrate App Helps You Move Your Data To Your New Moto X

Today is the day that the world will finally see the Moto X phone in all its official glory, and we finally get concrete facts about the highly anticipated smartphone. Today will also be the day that many people will decide that they need to somehow get the data on their current smartphone onto their [...]

NEC Bids Farewell To The Smartphone Market; I Shed A Tear

NEC hasn’t had the best time in the smartphone market, a market which moves quickly and often eats up those who aren’t strong and determined enough. Up till now, NEC has only been dealing in smartphones in Japan which why most of us wouldn’t even know they were in the smartphone market, let alone leaving [...]

Android 4.2.2 Starting To Roll Out On The Sony Xperia ZR Now

When Android 4.3 was officially announced at the ‘Breakfast with Sundar Pichai’ event last week, Sony was quick to follow-up on this saying it expected to bring Android 4.3 to many of its Xperia devices, even jumping some device straight from Android 4.1 to 4.3. Before that happens, Sony also said it would be updating [...]

Sony Releases Financial Figures, Mobile Grows By 36 Percent

Some of you may have read my article early last month that postulated that Sony was on the up and up by adopting HTC’s forgotten mantra, that is, to be “quietly brilliant”.  Well, from the the earnings report Sony just gave, that strategy is starting to pay off as the revenue increase that the Mobile [...]

Samsung Patents Found: Could These Be Designs For The Galaxy S5?

One this that is essentially a foregone conclusion in the smartphone world is that Samsung will be coming out with a successor to its hugely successful flagship, the Galaxy S4 sometime next year. We expect this device to be called the Galaxy S5 and unfortunately we’ve heard very few rumours about it, probably because we’re [...]

Android 4.3 Starts Hitting Galaxy Nexus Phones

Android 4.3 was finally made official, and usually updates start rolling out that very same day. It is taking a little longer for the update to hit even Nexus 4s out there, but word has it that international Galaxy Nexus users have started to receive the Android 4.3 update. There have been early builds for [...]

Chromecast Sees its Very First Update

Chromecast has taken the community by storm, and Google is already sending out a performance enhancement update. Have you received it yet? Of course, there is know way of knowing that. It is not like a device where you constantly check the System Updates hoping the update is in there. No, this update will happen [...]

AT&T Galaxy S III Finally Getting Premium Suite Update

Remember back at the end of 2012, when those videos about the Premium Suite for the Galaxy S III started circulating? Since then, the Galaxy S III on the main carriers started to receive that update. All except AT&T. Have no fear AT&T Galaxy S III users. Your Premium Suite should be upon you really [...]

Bubble Launcher Brings a Different Way to Launch Apps [APP OF THE WEEK]

Bubble Launcher has been mentioned before on our site, and this week I decided to make it app of the week. Now it is not a home replacement by all means. It is simply a different way to launch your apps without using your app drawer. Bubble Launcher is one of those apps that stays [...]

Goldman Sachs Report Suggests Moto X Will Have Nexus-Like Price Tag

A group of Goldman Sachs analysts have put their heads together to create a 21-page document that assesses the implications of the impending Moto X smartphone release for Google as a company. The article goes into some detail on how Google is likely attempting to channel Apple by moving towards integrated hardware and software development [...]



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