Saturday, July 13, 2024

AT&T data breach compromised phone records of nearly all its customers

Hackers stole phone numbers, call/text logs, and some location data for millions of AT&T customers.

An absurd new phone is coming to crush the iPhone and Android

A new smartphone with Web3, blockchain, and AI technology is coming to take on the might of Apple and Android later this year.

How to fake the GPS location on your iPhone or Android phone

Want to pretend you're somewhere you're not? Check out our handy guide on faking out your iPhone or Android phone's GPS location.

The iPhone 16 might be more important than you think

We've heard tons of iPhone 16 leaks at this point. Now, we're learning about why this year's iPhone launch could be especially important.

Hackers Steal Phone Records of ‘Nearly All’ AT&T Customers

Hackers broke into a cloud platform used by AT&T and accessed the phone records of "nearly all" of its cellular

Apple Blog TUAW Returns With Stolen Graphics and AI-Generated Content

If you've been following Apple news and rumors for the last decade, you might remember The Unofficial Apple Weblog, or

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