Sunday, July 21, 2024

The Fitbit Ace LTE made me feel like a kid again, and it’ll help reduce your kids’ screen time


There’s a new addition to Fitbit’s lineup, and this one is suited for the littlest wrists in your household. Rather than a task-managing smartwatch or step-obsessed tracker, it’s a kid-focused wearable that prioritizes movement and motivation. With an impressive screen and powerful internals, the new Fitbit Ace LTE gamifies activity goals to help parents keep their children active (perfectly timed with the arrival of summer). I don’t have children, but I was a child once and highly motivated by the arbitrary coin and rupee systems of video games. Fitbit packages a similar concept plus extensive movement/reward correlation into a fun, animated fitness tracking experience.

Minimizing screen time with a wrist-based mini-screen

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