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Score the best summer deals on Gorpcore phone accessories from MAGEASY


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Gorpcore is a legitimate fashion trend. It involves wearing clothing or apparel typically reserved for outdoor recreation and activities as normal streetwear. It’s bold and brazen, but it’s an urban, trendy style, so who am I to judge? One of the more interesting elements of the style is how proponents are accessorizing. In line with the outdoor theme, we’re seeing lots of strappy, modern designs and sacoches outfitted with durable, resistant materials. Perfectly aligned with that are MAGEASY’s high-quality Apple accessories, which employ the brand’s proprietary Loop + System and FidLock capabilities — components to offer a gussied-up hands-free experience.


  • Strap+Strap Card 6mm — $20
  • Strap+Strap Card 20mm — $20
  • 2-in-1 Strap+Strap Card 20mm — $30
  • Utility Strap with FidLock+Strap Card – $36
  • Phone Sacoche + Strap 8.3mm — $45
  • 2L Sachoche Utility Crossbody Bag + Strap 20mm — $55Show 1 more item

While Gorpcore might be taking over Fashion Week and Gen Z’s wardrobe, the added functionality of MAGEASY’s gear is what really has us excited about this new line of tech-friendly accessories. More exciting, of course, is that they’re hosting some excellent deals you can capitalize on. From July 10 to July 31, Digital Trends readers can use the exclusive code MAGEASY12 at checkout to get 12% off — that code works on both Amazon and MAGEASY’s site. Please note that the discount does not stack with any other offers.

Expressive In Motion | Strap Collections | MAGEASY

Strap+Strap Card 6mm — $20


Invoking Gorpcore at its finest, this strap-based accessory helps you keep your most treasured item close to your chest, literally. It’s also excellent for outdoor use while hiking, camping, kayaking, or anything else where you’d like to keep your hands free.

Strap+Strap Card 20mm — $20


Designed as a functional lanyard for your device with a noticeably thicker strap, this versatile carrying accessory is equal parts comfortable and convenient. You won’t even notice it while wearing it all day long. Plus, it comes in a few different color options. It’s not just a phone lanyard, either. You can hang small gadgets from the built-in loop to create a more versatile accessory.

2-in-1 Strap+Strap Card 20mm — $30


Combining a crossbody phone lanyard and detachable wrist strap, this bundle merges both designs into one convenient accessory. Ensure your essentials are always secure and within reach, whether that’s your phone, your keys, or even a wallet, especially since this bundle includes two versatile straps for you to use any way you see fit.

Utility Strap with FidLock+Strap Card – $36


While traveling, you need to be able to access your gear quickly and effectively, but you still want it to remain safe and secure. The MAGEASY Utility Strap is designed precisely for that, reducing the hassle of rummaging around comparable bags for your belongings. The dual connector design allows for quick hook switching. The FidLock magnetic buckle makes it easy to attach and detach again at any time. Meanwhile, the Loop+System security holds extra accessories.

Phone Sacoche + Strap 8.3mm — $45


Incorporating a water-resistant small sacoche bag with a crossbody strap, this mini-carrying bag can hold a 6.7-inch iPhone plus other accessories like earbuds, a passport, keys, and more. It’s perfect for music festivals, outdoor adventures, day hikes, or trips where you don’t need a ton of gear, but still want to make sure what you do bring remains close and on your person. Several color styles are available, too.

2L Sachoche Utility Crossbody Bag + Strap 20mm — $55


Outdoor enthusiasts will love this go-to companion for hands-free convenience, with its 2L of storage space to hold a bevy of belongings and gear. It comes in either polyester or CORDURA Ballistic Fabric, and several colors are available to help you find your personal style. You can also mix and match the straps, swapping between the various styles to build your own design. Imagine matching any outfit with a quick swap. That’s the idea.

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