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This new smart ring has your own AI health coach inside


A promotional image showing someone wearing the ExerRing smart ring.ExerChain

The ExerRing is the latest smart ring to hit crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. It promises to use AI and deep learning to help you get the most from its insights into your body and performance. Once on your finger, it will track everything from your heart rate to your stress, body temperature, and sleep. However, there are several unusual features that set it apart from the competition.

The smart ring will connect to the Exerchain app on your phone, and it features an AI coach to help motivate you to meet goals. It will suggest when you should exercise and recommend a level of intensity, plus provide details on how to deal with stress and improve your sleep, all based on your personal preferences. Some of the AI features, such as meal plans, are only unlocked should ExerRing’s Kickstarter campaign pass certain stretch goals, though.

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Unusually, the ExerRing has touch controls on its surface, where you can control music playback on your phone and activate the camera shutter, too. A notification feature is also touted, but it seems to be limited to alerts from the Exerchain app. Furthermore, unlike most smart rings, the ExerRing is made from stainless steel rather than titanium, and it has an IP68 water and dust resistance rating. It’s light at 4.5 grams and slim at 2.3mm, which is slimmer than some Oura Ring models.


It’s estimated the battery will last a week, between four and six days on a single charge, which is similar performance to the Circular Ring Slim. The ring will come in a choice of three finishes: black, silver, or gold. The sensors on the inner part of the ring will return information on your heart rate, body temperature, blood oxygen, heart rate variability, stress, and resting heart rate.


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The ExerRing’s price varies, as often happens with Kickstarter campaigns. The cheapest “super early bird” offer is $119, which rises to $139 and $159 depending on how early you manage to back the product. It should also be noted one of the stretch goals is a “lifetime subscription,” which indicates some kind of subscription model will be part of the ExerRing for those who may purchase it outside of the Kickstarter, or if it doesn’t reach the set stretch goal.

If the campaign is successfully backed and stays on target, the ExerRing is expected to ship in September 2024. Before you back any Kickstarter campaign, remember there’s always a chance products may be delayed or may even never launch at all, so go in expecting the timeline and potentially the product to evolve and alter as time goes on.

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