Sunday, June 16, 2024

Tap to Cash in iOS 18 Lets You Pay by Touching iPhones


Among the slew of iOS 18 updates announced during Apple’s WWDC 2024 keynote, the company revealed a new way of paying for things with Apple Cash, called Tap to Cash.

As the name suggests, Tap to Cash lets users pay for things simply by tapping two iPhones together. The feature is reminiscent of NameDrop, where users can exchange contacts by tapping their devices together.

Tap to Cash is an extension of Apple’s Tap to Pay feature, and uses the same NFC functionality. Apple says that Tap to Cash allows users to transfer money without sharing any personal information, ensuring privacy is maintained.

Apple also announced a few updates coming to Apple Wallet with iOS 18, including support for displaying information about rewards cards, such as points and redeemable gifts. Tickets for events will also gain better integration with the Wallet app, allowing users to see concert seat numbers, shortcuts for directions, and other information about events.Related Roundups: Apple Pay, iOS 18Tag: Tap to CashRelated Forum: Apple Music, Apple Pay/Card, iCloud, Fitness+
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