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SQL Server to MySQL Converters


Following the trend to switch from commercial software to freeware or open source equivalents, many companies consider migrating their SQL Server databases to MySQL server. For this purpose, software developers offer some dedicated tools knows as “database converter”. Database converter automates migrating of entire database or individual table carefully processing data, schemas, indexes and other related objects.

So, what are the main requirements for such software products? It is expected that advanced SQL Server to MySQL converter support all modern versions of SQL Server such as 2016, 2017, 2019, Azure SQL and work with Unix, Linux and Windows MySQL servers including such variations as MariaDB and Percona. Extra advantage of database converter is option to export MS SQL data into MySQL script file for those cases when MySQL server does not accept remote connections. In this approach the source data is exported into local file containing data definition (DDL) statements to create tables with all indexes and constraints and fill it with the data. Then the person responsible for database migration will be able to import this file to MySQL server using the standard tools like phpMyAdmin.

Also, SQL Server to MySQL migration tool should provide these features:

  • Support for modern versions OS (Windows 10/11, Server 2019/2022)
  • All SQL Server types are supported including image, uniqueidentifier, xml and spatial
  • Accurate conversion of primary keys, indexes and constraints with all necessary attributes
  • Intelligent data transformation according to MySQL format
  • Data integrity verification in the destination database
  • Option to overwrite, merge or synchronize MS SQL data into an existing MySQL table
  • SQL Server views are converted into MySQL format with respect to differences in SQL dialects of these two DBMS
  • Unicode support

The price of SQL Server to MySQL database converters is ranged from zero to multiple hundreds of US dollars. It is not recommended to use free converters because such tools usually come without any technical support and guarantees of conversion quality. Independent market analysis shows that best performance-price proportion is reached by database migration tools having price around $50.

One of tools meeting all requirements above is SQL Server to MySQL converter developed by Intelligent Converters, software company providing solutions for database migration and synchronization since 2001. Besides the basic capabilities this tool also provides extra advantages as follows:

  • Command line support allows to script and schedule the conversion procedure, set up a batch process on timer or run as a part of Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services script
  • Some migration projects require to migrate just a fragment of table or merge tables into a single one. In order to meet those requirements, SQL Server to MySQL converter can migrate result of SELECT queries running against the source database.
  • Sometimes it is required to modify column name or type during the conversion. For this purpose, the converter provides feature called “custom column mapping” that allows changing name, type, NULL-attribute and default value for any column of MS SQL table as well as exclude certain columns from conversion.

Find more information about Intelligent Converters and SQL Server to MySQL conversion tool at the official site.

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