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RCS Coming to Messages in iOS 18 for Improved Texts With Android Users


Apple today confirmed that it plans to implement support for Rich Communication Services, or RCS, in iOS 18 this fall. Apple software chief Craig Federighi confirmed ‌RCS‌ support when introducing new features for the iPhone at the WWDC keynote event.

We’ve known about Apple’s plans to adopt ‌RCS‌ since last November, but Apple only gave a vague “later in 2024” timeline for adoption so it was unclear exactly when the feature might roll out. ‌RCS‌ replaces SMS/MMS as the default communication protocol on the ‌iPhone‌.

‌RCS‌ has already been adopted by Google, U.S. smartphone carriers, and other companies, so Apple is a little late to the party. It doesn’t change much for iMessage, but it does overhaul the way iPhones interact with Android devices. ‌RCS‌ improves texting with Android users, adding support for features that have previously been limited to iMessage. Some of the additions:

  • Support for higher resolution photos and videos.
  • Support for larger file sizes and file sharing.
  • Audio messages.
  • Cross-platform emoji reactions.
  • Real-time typing indicators.
  • Read receipts.
  • Ability to send messages over cellular or Wi-Fi (SMS is cellular only). There is no cost to send an ‌RCS‌ message over Wi-Fi.
  • Improved group chats.

It is not clear if Apple will introduce ‌RCS‌ support during the ‌iOS 18‌ beta testing period or hold the feature until the fall public launch of the update, but we do know that it is indeed tied to ‌iOS 18‌ at this point. Tag: RCS
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