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Random Apple Pay Charges Affecting iPhone Users in Hungary


Apple Pay is malfunctioning in Hungary, according to reports from several Hungarian news sites. Apple device owners are seeing surprise, unexpected charges without making purchases.

Some users are seeing multiple mistaken transactions, and it is a problem that appears to be affecting most banks in Hungary. Impacted users are being charged small amounts several times in a row. One user saw almost $1,500 USD pulled from his account across 74 rapid fire transactions.

Hungarian news sites say that banks are being slammed with requests for help, and that it appears to be a problem on Apple’s end. OTP Bank in Hungary said that “massive, unjustified debits” were made to cards at several banks, with the situation still being analyzed to determine what happened. A statement on Raiffeisen Bank’s website says that Apple is working to resolve the problem.

We inform our customers that due to a technical problem with an external partner, the bank cards of some of our customers may have been incorrectly charged by the Apple App Store. Our colleagues have contacted Apple officials, the problem is being resolved.

Some of the charges appear to be linked to subscriptions that were canceled previously, and some of the amounts match prior transactions. Some customers have been able to have their banks block their cards, preventing further charges.

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