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iPadOS 18 release date: Here’s when your iPad will get the update


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Apple has announced significant software updates for its major products, including the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple Vision Pro, Apple TV, and Mac. Among these is iPadOS 18 for the iPad.


  • iPadOS 18 developer beta release date
  • iPadOS 18 public beta release date
  • iPadOS 18 release date

You might wonder when you can download the new update if you have an iPad. The update is technically available now, but some details must be considered. There are three different versions of iPadOS 18, and each will be released at various times this year. Let’s dig in.

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iPadOS 18 developer beta release date

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Apple released the first developer beta version of iPadOS 18 at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2024). As the first developer version of iPadOS 18, it’s missing many of the features Apple has announced, including Apple Intelligence. Furthermore, it is likely the most buggy version of iPadOS 18 that we’ll encounter.


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Although you can download and install iPadOS 18 now, even as a non-developer, it is not recommended. New developer betas will be released throughout the summer, and each should be better than the previous one. Therefore, at the minimum, you should wait until a few more iPadOS 18 developer betas are available before making the plunge.

iPadOS 18 public beta release date


Apple is expected to release the first of several iPadOS 18 public beta versions in July. These versions are more stable than developer betas and are aimed at non-developers. You may still encounter issues as a beta user, but those possible hiccups are expected to be less frequent than when using a developer beta on your iPad.

Once the first iPadOS 18 public beta is available, you can download and install it in a similar way to the developer beta versions.

iPadOS 18 release date


Apple has a history of staggering when it releases the first public versions of new software; the same thing will likely happen this year. The company will likely announce its new iPhone 16 series in September, and at the same time, it will release the first public version of iOS 18.

It might also release the first public version of iPadOS 18 at this time, but don’t be surprised if Apple delays this until October. Although Apple announced the iPad Pro (M4) and iPad Air (M2) earlier this year, we still await updates to the regular iPad and iPad mini. Those updates could be revealed along with the release of the first public version of iPadOS 18.

When iPadOS 18 is finally released to the general public, it should be exciting. In addition to Apple Intelligence, the update includes new customization tools, an updated version of the Notes and Photos apps, and much more. It also introduces the first official Calculator app in the iPad’s history. There’s also an official Password app set to arrive. Messages, Mail, and Safari are also gaining new tools, as are SharePlay and Freeform.

Not every iPad will support iPadOS 18. However, most will.

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