Wednesday, June 19, 2024

iOS 18: New Control Center Features Multiple Customizable Screens


Apple at WWDC has announced iOS 18, which includes an overhauled Control Center interface with new customization features and the ability to add multiple control screens.

In ‌iOS 18‌, when you invoke Control Center with a swipe down from the top-right of your iPhone’s screen, you can continuously swipe to get to more control center screens. There’s a new controls gallery that lets you customize the controls you see, and you can change the size of buttons to emphasize priority. Additionally, developers can include controls from their own apps, enabling quick access to controls like remotely starting a car, for example.

The new Controls API from Apple also allows you to switch up the controls on your ‌iPhone‌’s lock screen, so you can replace the traditional flashlight and camera buttons with something more convenient to you. And if you have an iPhone 15 Pro, you can also assign Control Center buttons to the physical Action button.Related Roundup: iOS 18Tag: WWDC 2024
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