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iOS 18 Lets You Hide App Labels on Your iPhone Home Screen


As part of its Home Screen customization overhaul, iOS 18 lets iPhone users hide the labels on app icons for a cleaner look.

Turning off the labels causes the icons to expand and take up the space where the text usually appears underneath. Here’s how it currently works in the iOS 18 Developer Beta.
On the Home Screen, press and hold on an empty area.
Tap Edit in the top-left corner.
Tap Customize.
In the customization menu that appears, tap the Large button.
Tap anywhere on the Home Screen to save your preference.Home Screen

As things stand, it’s not possible to hide labels and keep app icons small, but this could change in succeeding beta versions.

In addition to hiding app labels, other new Home Screen customization options in iOS 18 include the ability to place app icons anywhere, and a dark tint option for app icons.

Read our iOS 18 announcement coverage for more details about the update, which is now available in beta for members of the Apple Developer Program.Related Roundup: iOS 18
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