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I just fell in love with this adorable pink monitor


The pink LG MyView smart monitor on a desk.LG

Pink PC peripherals aren’t easy to come by, which is sad if you’re anything like me. But LG just released a limited edition MyView Smart Monitor bundled with a wireless keyboard and a mouse — and they’re all in pink! It’s a really nice dusty pastel pink too, nothing too garish.

The monitor itself is a 27-inch, Full HD IPS MyView smart monitor with built-in webOS 23. This operating system lets you use streaming apps like Netflix, Disney+, and Prime Video without connecting the monitor to a laptop, desktop, or gaming console. The resolution is 1080p, and the brightness is 250 nits — so it’s pretty basic in terms of specs and quality. It’s nothing as fancy as a 4K OLED LG monitor, but the whole desktop setup costs just $299, so it’s not a bad deal.



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Back shot of LG 27-inch MyView monitor in pink.


The LG smart monitor and peripherals on a pink background.


There are two USB and two HDMI ports at the back, positioned near the center of the monitor — in other words, in a really easy-to-reach place. I appreciate this, especially since I spent 10 minutes just today trying to slot my chunky PlayStation 5 HDMI cable into an unnecessarily awkwardly placed port on my own monitor. It was hard work, but I needed to make some adjustments to my setup so I can spend all weekend playing the early access of Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail.

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The monitor has two built-in 5W speakers and comes with a remote control so you can watch your shows comfortably from the sofa or anywhere else other than your desk chair. It’s an affordable option for anyone building an “aesthetic” setup like you see on Pinterest or Instagram — and a rare chance to get a monitor, keyboard, and mouse all in exactly the same shade of pink. As for a matching pink desk mat, try this 70cm x 30cm Logitech one. I particularly like how easy it is to keep clean — though I did buy three so I can quickly switch it out if an extreme spill occurs.

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