Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Humane Tells Customers to Stop Using AI Pin’s Charge Case Due to Fire Risk


Customers who bought the $700 AI Pin from Humane should stop using the Charge Case Accessory that came with the device, Humane said in emails that went out today. The email, which was shared by The Verge, says the charging case “may pose a fire safety risk.”

Humane claims that it is contacting customers “out of an abundance of caution.” After a report of a charging issue, Humane says that it looked into the Charge Case and found a quality issue with the battery cell. A third-party vendor supplied the cell, and Humane said that it is no longer working with that supplier.

Humane is working to find a new battery vendor, and the company says the problem is limited to the Charge Case. The AI Pin, Battery Boosters, and Charge Pad are not impacted, so the device can still be charged.

Customers should stop using and charging the Charge Case Accessory “immediately.” Humane is not issuing a recall or refunding customers, but it will be providing customers with two months of the Humane subscription for free.

The AI Pin, which launched in November, is a standalone device that was designed specifically for AI. It attaches to a clothing item using a magnetic battery system, and it responds to questions and queries. There is a “laser ink display” that is able to project information onto the user’s hand, and a built-in camera.

Humane’s AI Pin did not fare well in reviews, and it was widely criticized for its poor performance.
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