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HomeKit in iOS 18 Includes Guest Access, Hands-Free Unlock, Electricity Usage Integration and More


HomeKit and the Home app weren’t focused on much during Apple’s WWDC keynote, but there are several new features that are coming in iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia.

With Customize Access, you can manage how and when people can access your ‌HomeKit‌ devices like garage openers, alarm systems, and door locks. You can create guest schedules and specific accessories that your guests can use, limiting times that your home is accessible. A home hub is required for this feature.

You can enable Express Mode for unlocking door locks automatically as you approach with an iPhone or an Apple Watch, so you don’t need to tap your device to the lock to get it to open. You’ll need an ‌iPhone‌ or Apple Watch with an Ultra Wideband chip for this to work, along with an Ultra Wideband lock.

Later this year, Apple plans to add support for robot vacuum cleaners. The Home app will support the core functionality of robot vacuums, like power control, cleaning mode, vacuum, mop, and charge status. The vacuums can also be used in automations and scenes, and respond to Siri requests.

Apple is adding electricity usage integration into the Home app, but it’s only available to select Pacific Gas and Electric Company customers in the United States to begin. With this feature, users can see their home electricity usage from the Home app, along with rate plan.

Electricity usage integration is coming later in 2024, and Apple also plans to add other providers in the future.Related Roundup: iOS 18
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