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Google is doing something incredible with the Pixel Watch 3


Leaked render of Google Pixel Watch 3 XL.Android Headlines

It seems going XL is in vogue at Google’s design labs. We recently came across leaks claiming to depict the Google Pixel 9 Pro XL, Google’s all-out big-screen flagship that will be its answer to the Pro Max and Ultra phones out there. A similar treatment is in line for the upcoming Pixel Watch 3 smartwatch, as well.

Android Headlines has shared leaked product renders of what it calls the “Pixel Watch 3 XL.” Fittingly for its name, this one will serve a larger 1.45-inch display, up from the 1.2-inch OLED screen on the regular version. It’s also reportedly going to be roughly 12% thicker compared to the Pixel Watch 2. The added chassis depth is said to accommodate a larger battery, but we don’t know the exact capacity yet.

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A bigger battery should add more weight to one of the Google smartwatch’s core strengths. “The Pixel Watch 2 is usable all day, every day, and for any task,” wrote Digital Trends’ Andy Boxall in his Pixel Watch 2 review. We are not sure if Google is also increasing the charging pace, but unlike smartphones, a no-upgrade situation won’t be a big deal considering the Pixel Watch 2’s charging times.

Android Headlines

If previous rumors are true, the Pixel Watch 3 XL will be marketed as a new 45mm variant. Based on the dimensions of the Pixel Watch 3 and the leaked renders, there are speculations of a thinner bezel this time around. Despite a beautiful dome-like glass design, the thick bezels on the Pixel Watch 2 received a healthy amount of flak, and it’s time Google pays some attention to the aesthetics.


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Another pertinent speculation is linked to the extra depth for both variants of the Pixel Watch 3. Is Google focusing solely on packing a larger battery, or is the biosensor assembly getting upgraded with new capabilities? So far, all eyes are set on the possible arrival of a blood glucose monitor or possibly blood pressure analysis in the smartwatch industry. There is little certainty here, even though Samsung and Apple have both made impressive research strides in the segment.

Android Headlines

So far, the Pixel Watch has stood out courtesy of its software, and if the Wear OS enhancements announced at Google I/O 2024 are any indication, it is going to remain its strong suit. But that’s not enough to convince buyers who are spending to the tune of $350 or more on a smartwatch. What we need are more granular wellness analyses and a diverse sensor portfolio.

We’ll know if Google has any such meaningful surprises planned for the Pixel Watch 3 and its XL version in the fall.

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