Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Apple’s 2024 Back to School Sale Likely Launching Soon


Apple could soon launch its annual Back to School promotion for university students in the United States and Canada, based on ads that have been popping up on social networks.

On Instagram, Apple is promoting Macs to college and university students. The ad in question depicts a Back to School image with the following text: “Buy Mac for university or college with education savings. Plus get a gift card for up to $200.” The screenshot of the ad is from a Canadian user, and that price point suggests we will see the same $150 discount in the United States that Apple provided last year.

Clicking on the ad redirects to Apple’s education website, but there is as of yet no mention of the back to school sale. Last year’s back to school sale began on Tuesday, June 4, but Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said in his latest Power On newsletter that the 2024 sale will not begin until later in the month.

Apple’s back to school sales provide students with a free Apple gift card when purchasing a Mac or an iPad. Last year, Apple offered U.S. students up to $150 when purchasing a Mac and up to $100 when purchasing an ‌iPad‌.Tag: Back to School Promotion
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