Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Apple Weather App Experiencing Issues


The Apple Weather app appears to be experiencing an outage, with some users seeing it fail to load or take 30 seconds or more to update to the current conditions.

There are reports about the Weather app on social media, and we’ve also confirmed that it is not fully functional for some users, but Apple’s System Status page is not reporting an outage as of yet.

We’ll update this post when the Weather app is functioning as normal.

Update: The iOS Weather app appears to be back up, but the macOS version is still down.

Update 2: Apple’s System Status page is now reporting a Weather outage limited to next-hour precipitation in Alaska, but the Weather issue appears to be much more extensive than that.

Update 3: Apple has updated the System Status page again to confirm an outage that started at 2:10 p.m. Eastern Time. Apple says that the Weather app may be slow or unavailable.

Update 4: Apple removed Weather from the System Status page, but the Mac app continues to be down and the iOS Weather app loads slowly.
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