Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Apple Previews watchOS 11 With New Health and Workout Features


Apple today previewed watchOS 11, the next major software update for the Apple Watch.

Activity Rings can now be adjusted by day of the week and paused for a rest day, allowing users to keep their award streak going.

A new Vitals app provides an overview of daily health, comparing daily health statistics to historical data and highlighting when health data is outside your typical range. If multiple metrics are out of range, you’ll get a tailored message to see how they could be affecting you.

Cycle tracking now shows estimates of gestational age, showing pregnancy across charts to review things like high heart rate notification thresholds.

watchOS 11 includes a new “training load” feature, helping users to track intensity over time. A new algorithm uses heart rate, altitude, workout duration, and age and weight data to give a calculation of your estimated effort rating and training load.

New widgets will be automatically added to the smart stack, with the translate app opening automatically when you go to a new country, or weather apps showing up when rain is imminent. Live Activities are coming to Apple Watch, too.

You can connect workouts to let a friend know that you’ve safely finished a late-night run and made it back home safely.

The update also brings the Translate app to the Apple Watch.

More to follow…

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