Thursday, June 13, 2024

Apple Music Features Improved Spotify-Like Queue System on iOS 18


Apple has revamped the song queuing system in the Music app on iOS 18, and early reaction to the changes has been overwhelmingly positive.

Notable changes include a new “Add Songs to Queue” button at the bottom of the queue, an option to clear the entire queue all at once, and the ability to change the currently playing song without having the queue disappear. In addition, the former “Play Last” menu option has been replaced with “Add to Queue.” While listening to a playlist, it is now possible to add a song to the queue for immediate playback after the current song, whereas the song would previously get added to the end of the playlist.

These changes bring Apple Music’s queuing system on iPhone more in line with Spotify, and the Android version of the Apple Music app. It also brings Apple Music’s queuing system more in line with how it worked back on iOS 9.

iOS 18 is currently available in beta for members of the Apple Developer Program, with a public beta to follow in July. The update should be widely released in September, allowing everyone to try out the new queuing system.Related Roundup: iOS 18Tag: Apple MusicRelated Forums: iOS 18, iPadOS 18
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