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This might be the most ridiculous GPU I’ve ever seen



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MSI just revealed what might just be the most ridiculous graphics card we’ve seen to date, and it snagged the Best Choice Award at Computex 2024. MSI’s GeForce RTX 4090 24G Suprim Fuzion is an enormous GPU, and although it’s equipped with just two fans — a rarity for an RTX 4090 — it may have the best cooling solution in MSI’s arsenal, all thanks to the built-in all-in-one (AIO) liquid cooler. Don’t see any external radiator? That’s because there isn’t one. All the tubing and the radiator are tucked away inside the shroud of this massive beast. But how much will that really help?

It’s safe to say that MSI went a little extra when it designed this GPU. With an integrated radiator inside the shroud, it looks quite unassuming at a glance, but don’t be fooled — this is a 4.5-slot behemoth that probably weighs a ton. MSI got rid of every single external tube and concealed the entire AIO cooler within the shroud, making the pipes 90% shorter than in traditional designs.

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We’ve seen liquid-cooled cards before, such as MSI’s own RTX 4090 Suprim Liquid, but those come with a massive radiator and tubes. This one bundles it all within the GPU, ensuring that there’s no need (and probably also no way for the consumer) to refill or change the coolant and maintain the cooling system. While this version comes features just shy five slots, it’s a much neater design. From afar, it almost looks like a chonky RTX 4060.


Aside from the hybrid liquid cooler, the GPU sports a circular heat spreader and several copper heat sinks on various parts of the customized PCB to aid heat dissipation. Most GPUs use a single heat sink, marking yet another departure from typical designs, and all of this should add up to improvements in cooling performance. According to the Computex award blurb, the MSI RTX 4090 Suprim Fuzion offers a 15% “boost in performance compared to conventional air-cooling tech.” We’d need to see some more data to figure out what that really means, though.

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This was first spotted by Allround-PC, which also shared more photos of the GPU. It’s hard to deny that MSI’s latest venture into high-end GPUs is an exciting one, but it’s also difficult to say how much better it’ll prove to be than a regular RTX 4090. The cooling is almost bound to be better, and GPUs don’t like excess heat, so that’ll help. But the reality is that anyone who buys an RTX 4090 is already providing it with plenty of cooling, so outside of professional use cases, it’s probably not going to make that much of a difference.

One thing I’m curious to see is the pricing of this card — I won’t be surprised if it retails for over $2,500. The card alone is not the only expense, either. It’ll need a massive, sturdy case with plenty of room to accommodate not just the 4.5-slot beast, but also an extra support bracket, not to mention additional space for the cabling. But if you’re an enthusiast, this is probably the last (and biggest) hurrah for the RTX 4090 before we all move on to the RTX 50-series, so kudos to MSI.

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