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This Apple Watch X concept is absolutely absurd


Apple Watch X concept by showing a built-in

Later this year or in 2025, Apple is expected to release the tenth-generation Apple Watch, which could be called the “Apple Watch X” — similar to how the 10th iPhone was named the iPhone X. This release is highly anticipated, and third-party designers are already creating concepts for it. One such design has caught our attention.

Designer Lukas Gehrer at the German design agency Wordsmattr came up with an extraordinary concept. It’s a fun design that’s quite over the top. The Apple Watch X design looks much like the Apple Watch Ultra 2, but with thinner and curved edges. It’s made of dark titanium, different from the natural titanium used in the current Apple Watch Ultra and its predecessor. A Space Gray or Space Black titanium Apple Watch has also been long-rumored, but hasn’t happened yet.

Gehrer has developed an innovative concept for the Apple Watch X. As you can see, it includes a built-in camera for FaceTime and a blood pressure sensor. The blood pressure sensor has been rumored to be a new feature coming to the Apple Watch in the near future. However, the built-in camera for FaceTime is something entirely new and exciting that we haven’t heard about before. If true, it would be a remarkable addition to the Apple Watch.

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In September, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said this year’s Apple Watches could involve a significant overhaul. Whether that includes any of the features mentioned here remains to be seen. My hope is that in addition to a blood pressure monitor, we also see a blood sugar monitor arrive on the wearable device for the first time. If Apple really wants to go all-out for the Apple Watch X, that would be the way to do it.

Regardless of what actually happens with the Apple Watch X — and whether or not it looks anything remotely like this concept — it’s fun to speculate about what such a major Apple Watch release will look like. And as far as Apple Watch concepts go, this sure is a fun one.

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