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The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 may not have this important feature


A person holding the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, showing the top of the hinge.Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 has just received FCC approval in the U.S. However, that’s not the big news here. Instead, it’s news that the new upcoming foldable phone probably doesn’t have a critical feature that is present on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

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As SamMobile discovered, Wi-Fi 7 certification is missing from the phone’s FCC document. It’s also a missing feature on the FCC certification for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6. Wi-Fi 7 is the latest generation of Wi-Fi technology. It offers faster data speeds than its predecessors, Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 5. It also provides lower latency and increased capacity, paving the way for smoother video streaming, enhanced gaming, and improved AR/VR experiences.


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Thankfully, the new Samsung phone’s failure to support Wi-Fi 7 may not be as significant as it seems. For Wi-Fi 7 to function, both a mobile device and a connected router need to support it. Unless you just recently bought a new router, chances are your home doesn’t support Wi-Fi 7 in the first place.

Another leak about the Galaxy Z Fold 6 has occurred this week. IceUniverse shared an image on Thursday that supposedly shows a comparison between the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and the Galaxy Z Fold 6. The comparison suggests that the new phone will be wider than its predecessor. The image also reveals that the Galaxy Z Fold 6 will have sharper screen corners.

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 is expected to be announced alongside the Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Galaxy Watch 7 on Wednesday, July 10, at a Samsung Unpacked event in Paris, the site of this year’s Summer Olympics, which kick off July 27. The new products are expected to be released worldwide soon after.

Two models of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 might be announced this year, including an Ultra version. The standard model will likely be the more affordable option in a costly smartphone series. The starting price of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is $1,800.

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