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Surfshark CleanWeb merges ad blocking and a VPN to stop hidden digital horrors


Surfshark CleanWeb combines a VPN and an ad-blocker for maximum privacySurfshark

While one could argue that internet browsing has never been anonymous or completely safe, there’s no argument against the point that it’s getting worse. Intrusive advertisements, corporate and e-commerce trackers, traffic tied to your home IP address, and phishing scams are just a few of the major headaches waiting for you when you browse. It’s device-agnostic, as well. You’ll be tracked and bombarded no matter what your device is, from a smartphone to a desktop computer. Worse yet, the tracking jumps between platforms in most cases, which is why you often see advertisements on social media and other websites for products you’ve viewed in the past. A VPN or virtual private network can help, but it won’t stop everything. That is unless you use Surfshark CleanWeb, an excellent and more comprehensive online tool than free ad blockers and most comparable solutions. It blends the support of a powerful ad blocker and a VPN to give you some of the best coverage out there. Let’s explore further, and we’ll also discuss how you can save over 80% on one-year and two-year plans and get two months free.


  • What can Surfshark CleanWeb block?
  • The many benefits of Surfshark CleanWeb
  • How do I use CleanWeb, and what is it compatible with?
  • Get all the coverage you need from Surfshark

What can Surfshark CleanWeb block?

Forget about intrusive ads and pop-ups on your devices — the Surfshark ad blocker stops them. It can also prevent annoying video ads on smart TVs, repeated cookie requests and pop-ups from your browser(s), and more. For example, once installed, Surfshark’s CleanWeb 2.0 browser extension can warn you to prevent you from visiting malware-filled fake websites and protect you from hidden website data breaches.

To understand how it works, you first need to know that CleanWeb combines a VPN or virtual private network and an ad-blocker. A VPN masks your actual IP address by giving you a remote one, so it looks like you’re essentially browsing from somewhere else. Meanwhile, an ad-blocker is a tool designed to block annoying and malicious ads all over the web.

In today’s digital landscape, you need both, so it makes perfect sense to combine them. Ad-blocking stops annoying pop-ups, intrusive ads and web apps, and tracking scripts — the kind used to identify and compromise your privacy and security. The VPN preserves your privacy, ensuring that anyone looking at or tracking you cannot easily identify your real IP, which may be tied to your home address, name, and billing information. With less data to collect, it also prevents data brokers and other malicious actors from building digital and online profiles about your browsing habits, the websites you visit, the media you watch, the purchases you make, and much more.

The many benefits of Surfshark CleanWeb


Besides protecting you in many ways, like preventing you from accessing a virus or malware-laden website, there are a few significant benefits you can expect from CleanWeb:

Privacy Protection: CleanWeb blocks ads and saves you from dealing with them, yes, but it also blocks tracking scripts and other nefarious elements while browsing. That prevents advertisers, data brokers, and third parties from monitoring and collecting user data on you and anyone in your household.

Enhanced Security: Phishing, social engineering, and malware are more rampant than ever. CleanWeb stops online threats that are distributed or activated through malicious ads.

Improved Performance: You may not realize it, but advertisements, hidden page scripts, and trackers not only affect loading speeds and performance while browsing but also significantly increase the data you use. If you’re on mobile with a limited data plan, that can be a huge problem. If you’re browsing from anywhere else, like a desktop or laptop, you may experience poor performance and extended loading times for various websites and applications. CleanWeb can prevent this and improve performance, offering a smoother and more efficient browsing experience.

How do I use CleanWeb, and what is it compatible with?

Surfshark CleanWeb is designed to integrate seamlessly into your online lifestyle across all devices. It’s compatible with iOS, MacOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and FireTV. It can also be installed as a browser extension on Chrome and Chrome-based browsers, Firefox, and Edge. Although CleanWeb 2.0 is currently only available via browser extensions, you can benefit from the secure VPN features elsewhere.

Setting it up is pretty straightforward. After subscribing to Surfshark, you’ll need to install the application or software for your devices. All of them are available through the Surfshark website. Start by installing the VPN application on your Mac or PC, then install the CleanWeb 2.0 browser extension for your browser of choice. That’s all it takes!

Get all the coverage you need from Surfshark

Everything is digital these days, and we all know that. Most don’t know that everything you do online, and sometimes offline, is directly tied to your digital identity. Data brokers, unnamed companies, and third parties are all after your data and your family’s data, and they’re probably scooping it up, too, through trackers and malicious tools. Surfshark CleanWeb prevents this thanks to its ad blocker and VPN integration. It stops all those malicious scripts, trackers, and creepy spy tools from logging your data while you browse, keeping you anonymous and safe. Plus, it’s easy to install and works with a wide variety of devices, browsers, and platforms. Thanks to an incredible deal, you can give it a spin at a fantastic price.

You can save 75% to 85% on a Surfshark two-year plan or 69% to 81% on a one-year plan, plus get two months free. To give you a quick example, the Surfshark Starter plan works out to $2.99 per month or $42 for the first 12 months — 14 months, really, with those two extra tacked on. Sure, it’s an incredible deal, but we’re more excited about the protection and privacy Surfshark offers. No more tracking. No more intrusive ads. More peace of mind for your entire family. We’d say that’s worth it.

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