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Some updates coming to macOS 15 aren’t just about AI



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Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is coming up soon, and everyone’s expecting a huge announcement around AI. But don’t worry, according to a report from AppleInsider, there are some practical tweaks coming to macOS 15 that are in the works. Notably, the System Settings app is set to receive the biggest changes, with other menus and app UIs also expecting some rearranging.

The last update to the Settings app happened with macOS Ventura, changing the name from System Preferences to System Settings and shifting to an iOS-style design, a change that ruffled the feathers of diehard Mac users. This time, the organizational system will reportedly be based on “priority and overall importance.”

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The frequently accessed General Settings, for example, will be moved higher up the list to better reflect how often people use it. Wallpaper settings will lose their dedicated section and move in with other options, and privacy settings will also relocate closer to the lock screen and Touch ID options — according to the reports, that is. We’ll have to wait until June 10 to find out just how accurate these claims are.

Outside of the System Settings app, Siri is also due for an update. Its settings pane will move in next to those related to internet accounts and Game Center, and it’s even expected to get a new icon to better fit in with those around it. We hope Siri gets more than just a visual upgrade, however. The slightly lacking assistant is at the top of our list of things Apple needs to fix in the next macOS version.

Other visual changes could include redesigns for core apps like Calculator, Notes, Safari, and Voice Memos, along with a new Math Notes feature for the calculator for everyone who wants to engage in proper mathematical notation.

The list goes on, including a new UI element for Safari and in-app audio recording for the Notes app. But despite all of these tweaks, no truly groundbreaking design changes are expected for macOS 15. The report suggests it will look largely the same as the current rendition — with some new wallpaper options to shake things up, as always.

That’s not to say there’s nothing to get hyped for, however. There’s a whole host of rumored macOS 15 features we’re excited about — and, of course, we’re expecting Apple to bring some significant new AI features as well.

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