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Siri on HomePod Seems to Have Forgotten How to Give the Time


At some point in the last 24 hours, Siri on the HomePod and the HomePod mini seems to have forgotten how to relay the time. When asking ‌Siri‌ “what time is it?” ‌Siri‌ is unable to answer and directs users to the iPhone.

“I found some web results, I can show them if you ask again from your ‌iPhone‌,” is ‌Siri‌’s full response to the time question. If you ask what time it is in a specific location, ‌Siri‌ is able to respond, and ‌Siri‌ on ‌iPhone‌, iPad, and Mac provides the time as usual when asked.

This is a bug that Apple will be able to fix server side, so it will likely be addressed quickly. In the meantime, to get the time from ‌Siri‌ on the ‌HomePod‌ without having to swap to an ‌iPhone‌, include your location.

‌Siri‌ has long been ridiculed for failing to understand requests and not providing the expected information, and small bugs like this are a bit embarrassing as Apple prepares for a major AI update.

For the last several months, ‌Siri‌ has also been struggling with HomeKit commands, and there have been many complaints from smart home users. Asking ‌Siri‌ to “turn off the lights in the living room,” for example, often results in the lights being turned on or turned off in another room entirely. Hopefully some of these issues will be solved with a ‌Siri‌ overhaul in iOS 18 and its sister updates.

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