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Mint Mobile Memorial Day deal: 50% off 3 months of wireless


Mint MobileMint Mobile

It can be really hard to choose a mobile service provider, especially if you’re dissatisfied with the major players, like Verizon and T-Mobile. However, one of our favorites, Mint Mobile, is making it an easier choice with this deal that gives you 50% off for 3 months of its service. Normally, service is $30 per month (or $90 for the 3 months) but you can get it now for $15 per month with an upfront payment of $45 for the three months. That’s really cheap for an unlimited plan like this. So, tap the button below to secure your order today (the best deal, that includes free Paramount+ Essential ends on 5/31) or keep reading for the most important details.

Why you should try Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile is considered on of the best MVNOs, or Mobile Virtual Network Operators, that you can try right now. These services use the reliable networks of the larger companies, but at their own renegade rates, giving you cheaper service. So, what’s the catch? There’s not really one if you’re looking for affordable service. Your speed will slow down after the first 40GB of data you use a month, but this is a lot if you connect to WiFi at home (I’ve used just 10 GB of app data in the past 3 weeks).

When moving to a new service, you may be worried about which phones you can use, especially if you already own of the of the best smartphones. You’re allowed to bring your own phone to the service, or you can also buy a new phone from Mint Mobile and get six months of service free. Some of our absolute favorite phones, such as the Google Pixel 8, Google Pixel 8 Pro, and Samsung Galaxy S24 are all directly mentioned by Mint Mobile.


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The final part of this deal, that is admittedly kind of hidden yet definitely shouldn’t be, is the six months of Paramount+ Essential that you’ll get if you’re a new Mint Mobile customer and prior to 5/31. To refresh your memory, Paramount+ Essential is not a pared down service, it just means that you get access to the best new movies and shows on Paramount+ but not the Showtime access that comes with more advanced packages.

So, if you’re interested in this deal to get 50% off of three months of cell coverage and getting 6 months of Paramount+, just tap the button below. The cell coverage alone would typically cost you $90, but now you can get it for just $45.

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