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Is Dashlane safe? Here’s what we know about its security history


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If you’re looking for a password manager and come across Dashlane in your search, you’re probably wondering how safe it is to use. After all, similar companies and products have made headlines and become well-known for security incidents.


  • What is Dashlane?
  • Dashlane system security features
  • Dashlane user security features
  • Dashlane plans
  • Should you use Dashlane?

Here, we’ll look at the security measures Dashlane uses for its infrastructure, as well as safety features it provides to its users. You can then decide how safe you would feel using Dashlane as your go-to password tool.

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What is Dashlane?

Digital Trends

Dashlane is a password manager available across multiple platforms and devices. It offers features for individuals like autofill, a password generator, dark web monitoring, security threat alerts, and a VPN for Wi-Fi protection.


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For businesses, they’ll also receive proactive monitoring, advanced password organization, single sign-on (SSO) integration, on-demand phone support, and dark web insights.

Currently, Dashlane has over 19 million users, more than 22,000 businesses, and an estimated annual revenue of $62.7 million.

But is Dashlane a safe password management option? Let’s start by looking at its system security features.

Dashlane system security features

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Dashlane uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption, which is first-rate and widely used in similar tools today. But there’s more to a secure system then its encryption method. Here are additional features you can feel safe with when using Dashlane.

Zero-knowledge encryption: This safety measure means that you’re the only person who knows what information you’ve stored and Dashlane cannot access keys to decrypt that data.

Robust password requirements: As you create your master password, you’ll see suggestions and requirements. These can include avoiding sequences, adding another word or two, and if the password is commonly used.

Two-factor authentication: Along with support for mobile authenticators like Google Authenticator and Authy, you’re required to enter a unique code (received via email) to access your account on a new device.

Patented security model: Thanks to a simple security architecture, zero-knowledge system, and resiliency against vulnerabilities and attacks, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) awarded a patent to Dashlane in February 2016.

For complete details and further information, you can download and review Dashlane’s Security Principles & Architecture white paper.

Dashlane user security features

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Along with the security measures for Dashlane’s system, you can take advantage of built-in safety features as a Dashlane user.

Security dashboard: This lets you see and update passwords you’ve created and used that are weak and should be improved, those that were reused, which puts them at a high risk, and those that were compromised in data breaches.

Security alerts: You’ll receive notifications if one or more of your passwords is involved in a security breac,h along with real-time phishing attempt alerts.

Password generator: You can create strong passwords using a built-in generator. You can choose to include letters, numbers, symbols, and/or similar characters to generate the most secure passwords.

Dashlane plans

If you’re interested in trying Dashlane for yourself, you and your family, or for your business, the company offers a variety of pricing plans. You can also check out Dashlane’s free 30-day trial for personal accounts or seven-day trial for businesses.

Personal plans start at $5 monthly for individuals and $7.50 monthly for families. Professional plans start at $8 monthly per seat and price estimates are provided for those interested in an enterprise plan.

Should you use Dashlane?

Unlike similar password managers, Dashlane hasn’t made the news due to security breaches and data theft. As a matter of fact, if you search the web, you’ll likely find details about security incidents with different applications, but not Dashlane.

The security measures used by the company are top-notch and are the types of features you should look for in a password manager.

We’ve listed Dashlane as one of the best LastPass alternatives, as well as one of the best password managers of the year, for good reasons.

So, if you’re looking for a safe, intuitive, and reliable password manager, put Dashlane at the top of the list of options.

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