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iOS 18’s Cloud-Based AI Features Will Have Strong Privacy Protections, Report Says


iOS 18 is widely expected to include new generative AI features for the iPhone, with a mix of on-device and cloud-based processing, and a new report has outlined Apple’s alleged privacy measures for the cloud-based features.

Apple’s AI servers will supposedly be powered by a combination of M2 Ultra and M4 chips that it uses in Macs and iPads. According to The Information’s Wayne Ma, Apple plans to utilize the Secure Enclave in its chips “to help isolate the data being processed on its servers so that it can’t be seen by the wider system or Apple.” Technical details about the Secure Enclave are outlined in Apple’s Platform Security Guide.

The report said this “confidential-computing approach” will have strong privacy protections:

With the confidential-computing approach, Apple will be able to handle processing of AI-related data in the cloud while making it extremely difficult for hackers to gain access to the data even in the event of a data breach. It would also reduce Apple’s burden of having to hand over personal data from its servers in the event of a government or law enforcement request.

The report added that Apple has a longer-term goal of offloading the processing power of future wearable devices to servers powered by Apple silicon chips. This move could allow Apple to design a thinner and lighter Vision Pro headset, or future Apple Glasses.

More details can be found in the full report on The Information’s website.Related Roundup: iOS 18Tag: The Information
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