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How to remove personal data from Google and reduce spam



There’s a lot of information about you out there on the web. From dating app data to health information, things that you likely don’t want others to know about are inevitably floating about online. Many because you’ve “opted in” due to tapping “Agree” after an a lengthy boring legal disclaimer on an app, others from companies gathering publicly available government data and compiling it in one spot. A sane person might be tempted to go about deleting all of this data. They would, however, find that the task is quite difficult. That’s why you should consider using Incogni, which not only does the heavy lifting for you, but is also 50% off right now. A typical monthly rate for the Incogni service is $12.98 per month, but now you can get it at a rate of $6.49 per month if you buy a full year of the service. That’s brings a year of scrubbing your name off the net to $78, from $156, if you tap the button below.

Why you should try Incogni — Limit, Lower, Prevent

As a service, Incogni works on your behalf to limit overall information about you online. Incogni takes a three-pronged approach to increasing your online privacy: Limiting access to your information, lowering identity theft risk, and preventing your data from being sold. Here’s how each prong works.


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Limit: Public records sites, arrest records sites, voter records sites and more all have access to your information and anybody that uses their service can access it. These sites have opt-out options. In other words, you can go and ask for them to remove your records and they will. (Incogni actually has guides up for anyone that wants to do this themselves, free of charge, for the 80 or so most notorious sites.) But, there are countless data broker sites — many of whom are private entities — and the time is not on your side. A professional, experienced team that does this day in and day out can opt out for you faster.

Lower: With less of your records online, it becomes harder to steal your identity. As Incogni takes your phone number off online lists, for example, you should expect to get less robo calls over time.

Prevent: One of the worst parts of these consistent invasions of our privacy is that these companies can actually profit off of it. They’re selling your records and your info and you don’t get a dime! By having your records rightfully removed from these sites, you also gain more personal control over your life’s data.

So, to begin your journey with Incogni and get control of your data back for yourself, tap the button below. Remember, at this time you can purchase a year of membership for half the usual price. It’s a savings of $78, bring the price from $156 to $78 for a full year, equivalent to just $6.49 per month. Want more privacy? Be sure to check out the best VPNs for more private browsing.

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