Sunday, May 26, 2024

Apple Previews Three New CarPlay Features Coming With iOS 18


Apple today previewed new accessibility features coming with iOS 18 later this year, and this includes some new options for CarPlay.

Apple highlighted three new features coming to CarPlay:

  • Voice Control: This feature will allow users to navigate CarPlay and control apps with just their voice.
  • Color Filters: This feature will make the CarPlay interface visually easier to use for individuals with color blindness.
  • Sound Recognition: This feature will enable drivers or passengers who are deaf or hard of hearing to receive notifications on CarPlay for driving-related sounds, such as car horns and sirens.

All three of these features are already available on the iPhone and iPad.

iOS 18 is expected to be unveiled at Apple’s developers conference WWDC on June 10, and the update should be widely released in September.Related Roundups: CarPlay, iOS 18Related Forum: HomePod, HomeKit, CarPlay, Home & Auto Technology
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