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This Razer gaming laptop with an RTX 4090 is $400 off for a limited time


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One of the best gaming laptop deals is over at Razer with $400 off the Razer Blade 16. A high-end gaming laptop, it usually costs $4,300 but right now, you can buy it for $3,900. While that isn’t a cheap price by any means, it’s a good price for what it has to offer with some seriously high-end hardware involved. If you’re keen to learn more, keep reading while we take you through what to expect.

Why you should buy the Razer Blade 16

Razer makes some of the best gaming laptops around and the Razer Blade 16 demonstrates exactly what it does so well. It looks sleek and stylish with a subtle gamer aesthetic which means it looks as good in a coffee shop as it would as part of your gaming setup. However, underneath that sleek hood is some great hardware. It has a 13th-generation Intel Core i9-13950HX processor paired up with 32GB of memory and sporting a massive 2TB of SSD storage. The latter is perfect for gaming given so many titles take up an increasing amount of space but having twice the RAM of the average gaming laptop also futureproofs the Razer Blade 16.

That’s before we get into the graphics card which is a high-end Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090. We’re talking hardware which is built to last here so you can easily play all the latest games at high detail levels for a long time to come. Assisting the graphics card is a 16-inch UHD+ screen with a resolution of 3840 x 2400 and looking fantastic. As one of the best laptop brands for gaming, Razer doesn’t scrimp on any components here. That’s further reflected by its per-key RGB powered keyboard with N-Key rollover technology, along with a precision glass touchpad, plenty of USB-C ports, USB-A ports, and even an HDMI 2.1 port. There are also powerful speakers and THX Spatial Audio support.


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A true powerhouse in gaming, the Razer Blade 16 usually costs $4,300. Right now, you can buy it directly from Razer for $3,900 thereby saving $400. A smart investment if you’re able to spend plenty of cash on something high-end, you won’t have to think about buying another gaming laptop for a while to come.

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