Thursday, May 30, 2024

This popular Dell business laptop is discounted from $849 to $579


Dell Vostro 14 sitting on a tableDell

If you’re looking for a solid business laptop that’s both portable and won’t break the bank, then you’ll be very happy with the Vostro 14. Not only is it highly rated, but it’s still packed with features for being such a small device, and while it can be a little bit pricey at MSRP, you can get it for a steep discount. Dell has knocked an impressive $270 off the usual $849 price tag, bringing it down to a much more affordable $579, making it an excellent deal if you’ve been looking for a new device.

Why you should buy the Vostro 14

For being only a small 14-inch laptop, the Vostro 14 has some pretty good specs and a couple of ones that maybe should have been slightly better. For example, you get 16GB of DDR4 RAM, which is really excellent, especially for a more business-oriented laptop, so you can open a lot of apps and tabs at the same time. On the other hand, you only get an Intel Core i5-1335U, which is a mid-range processor, and while it’s absolutely fine for business work and productivity, it would have been nice to get the higher-end Intel Core i7-1355U for a bit extra power and versatility.

Of course, you can upgrade to the higher-end CPU in the configurator for an extra $100, and that also bumps up the storage from 512GB to 1TB, so it’s actually not a bad upgrade and worth considering. As for the screen, it’s a relatively standard 14-inch monitor running an FHD resolution, and while it isn’t touch-enabled, it does have an anti-glare coating on it, which is nice. Also, the battery life is pretty respectable for such a small device, and it should last several hours, if not a potential full day with light use.


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So, if you’re looking to grab a relatively thin and light laptop without giving up too much in the process, the Vostro 14 is great, especially with the discount from Dell that brings it down to $579. That said, if it doesn’t quite fit your needs, it’s worth checking out some of these other great laptop deals as well.

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